GrowerSELECT - HS820 Infrared Feed Controller Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA MAY 2022 REV A5 10 GROW-FLEX™ Feed Systems FEED DELAY: Once feed has been eaten and drops below the infrared sensors, the HS820 will launch the FEED DELAY TIMER. Screen will changed to BLUE. It is recommended that the FEED DELAY is not set below 30 seconds to prevent short cycling of the auger motor. However the FEED DELAY can be set up to 12 hours. As the FEED DELAY TIMER counts down, the remaining time will be displayed. Once the FEED DELAY TIMER has elapsed, the auger motor will turn back on and the screen will change back to GREEN. MAXIMUM RUNTIME: The HS820 also has a maximum run time (up to 12 Hours). Anytime the fill auger is running the maximum run timer is operational. If at any time the maximum run time is exceeded, the HS820 screen will turn RED and indicated the maximum run time has been exceeded. The auger motor will be shut off and controller will be in Alarm mode. Alarm output will be activated and the unit must be reset or power removed in order to restart controller. Count down of FEED DELAY PRESS AND HOLD FOR 5 SECONDS TO SKIP FEED DELAY PRESS AND HOLD FOR 5 SECONDS TO RESET ALARM