GrowerSELECT - HS820 Infrared Feed Controller Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA MAY 2022 REV A5 11 GROW-FLEX™ Feed Systems CONTROL MODE: CONTINUOUS OR TIMED The HS820 can be programmed to operate continuously or only during certain hours of the day. The TIMED mode allows the system to be disabled during overnight hours without the need of a separate time clock. TIME OF DAY ON is the time of day to enable the controller. TIME OF DAY OFF is the time the controller will be disabled regardless if feed is present or not. The TIME OF DAY is the actual time of day and must be set during the parameter setting as shown below. The TIME OF DAY clock memory is retained after power loss. Selection of CONTINUOUS MODE enables the controller 24 hours per day. An indicator in the top right corner will indicate which mode the controller is operating. “T” for timed mode and “C” for continuous mode. 9. OPERATION - PROGRAMMING: Upon initial power up, it is necessary to set up the HS820 to establish six parameters. 1. Maximum Run Time 2. Feed Delay Time 3. Set Clock for Time of Day 4. Set time of day to enable the controller 5. Set time of day to disable the controller. 6. Control mode BACK: backs up to previous screen. MENU: Steps into menu items to change parameter values UP: to move up menu list. Hold for 5 seconds to reset ALARM DOWN: to move down menu list. Hold for 5 seconds to FEED NOW