GrowerSELECT - HS820 Infrared Feed Controller Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA MAY 2022 REV A5 12 GROW-FLEX™ Feed Systems After the parameters have been programmed, these settings can be reviewed and/or edited at any time. Press the MENU button to access the menu. Press up or down arrows to toggle through the menu items. The current setting of each item will be displayed. In order to change a setting press the MENU button again to go into that setting. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to change the value. Holding UP or DOWN arrow for more than 2.5 seconds will increment the value at a faster rate. Once the desired value is reached press the MENU button to advance to the next part of the setting. Use the UP/DOWN button to change the value and press MENU button to advance to next portion of that same setting. Press MENU button again. If you have looped back to the first part of the setting then the setting for that parameter is complete. In order for the parameter change to take effect, you must press MENU through each of the values until you have looped back to the beginning regardless if you only changed one value. You can press BACK to back up to the previous screen. If you have changed a value in a parameter, pressing back will exit the change and it will not be saved.