Hog Slat Concrete Cattle Slats Information Flyer

Cattle Slats Built to exceed industry standards with unparalleled strength and durability. 1-800-949-4647 | www.hogslat.com | World Leader in Swine Production Solutions Quality that’s Concrete Hog Slat is committed to quality from the start. Installing competitors inferior slats in your building projects can be costly. Insist on Hog Slat’s premium slat… get it right the first time. WARRANTY 10 YEAR For the last 50 years, Hog Slat has built the best concrete slats in the business. Machined processed with stronger, dry- cast mix and steam cured for superior strength. We back the best slats with the best warranty in the business...10 years. #1334 4’ wide x 8’ long #1336 4’ wide x 10’ long #1338 4’ wide x 12’ long ITEM# DESCRIPTION ITEM# DESCRIPTION #1330 4’ wide x 8’ long solid, no slot openings #1332 4’ wide x 10’ long solid, no slot openings #1344 8” wide x 10” deep x 12’ long cattle lintel