Hog Slat Concrete Cattle Slats Information Flyer

1-800-949-4647 | www.hogslat.com | World Leader in Swine Production Solutions After placing the concrete, spinning ROTOSCREEDS strike off the mold. Our machine finished slats feature consistent openings and a uniform FLAT top. Uniform Quality Machined Slat (cross-section) After casting, each slat is Steam Cured in climate controlled tents. Steam provides the heat necessary for accelerated curing and the moisture to prevent stress cracks and shrinkage. In only a few hours we are able to harden slats that exceed 28-day strengths of normally cured concrete. Hot, dry weather, or cold, wet conditions don’t affect the quality of the slats delivered to your farm. Steam Curing Reduces Variation Everyone knows the less water added to a mix, the stronger the concrete. Our batch computers measure the water content of sand and rock before adding water to formulate a dry casting mix. This dry cast mix is a ZERO slump mix compared to the FOUR inch slump used with hand cast slats. Using a dry cast mix results in a harder, denser slat that lasts longer in your buildings. It all starts with the concrete Zero Slump 4” Slump 10’ OR 12’ 4’ 1 ½” SLAT OPENINGS 6 ½” WIDE SLAT TOP Cattle gang slats are 4’ wide and are available in either 8’, 10’, or 12’ lengths. Cattles slats are 6” deep with 6-1/2” slat tops and 1-1/2” openings. Slats come standard with a broom finish. Lintels feature extra steel support and stirrups. Cattle Slats