Hog Slat Plastic Slat Flooring Handling & Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA December 2018 1 Plastic Flooring System Hog Slat Plastic Flooring Handling & Installation Manual (Incluye versión en Español) General Installation Notes: Installation of this equipment and related OEM equipment should be in accordance with these instructions, OEM’s installation instructions and local codes (if applicable). Failure to follow specified instructions may cause damage to equipment and/or personal injury. Take special note of any Warnings or Safety Decals on the equipment and in manuals. Always wear protective clothing and any applicable Personal Protective Equipment (Safety Glasses and/or Ear Plugs) when working with the equipment. Discarded materials, equipment and boxes should be recycled in accordance with local and national codes. Safety Instructions: Read all safety messages in this manual and on equipment safety decals. Follow recommended precautions and safe operating practices. Handling of Flooring Please transport the plastic flooring (slats) carefully. Do not expose the slats to excessive force such as impacts. Move the pallets with the flooring in accordance with forklift operating standards; do not shift the pallet with the flooring by using only the tips of the forks. If you do not install the flooring immediately: 1. Store appropriately 2. Slats should be protected against direct sunlight and excessive heat. 3. Pallets can be stacked 3 high; no additional loading allowed. 4. Do not remove the plastic shrink wrap material until slats are ready to be installed. 5. Remove shrink wrap carefully using a knife, ensuring that you do not cut the slats (scoring the plastic might result in a “rated breaking point”.) 6. Do not throw the slats. When temperatures are below 32°F/0°C, you must bring the slats into a heated area. In this case, do not install the slats immediately. You should not start with the installation before the material has reached a temperature above 50°F/10°C. If the air temperature is higher than 86°F/30°C, you should not start with installation before the temperature of the material has dropped below 77°F/25°C, otherwise the slats may not fit properly.