Hog Slat Plastic Slat Flooring Handling & Installation Manual

Hog Slat Inc. Newton Grove, NC USA December 2018 2 Plastic Flooring System Installation Guidelines 1. Please use only suitable tools for the installation of the slats. 2. Always use a rubber hammer, never use a metal hammer. 3. Do not hit the slats with full force. 4. When installing the panels, make sure they are assembled unstressed. 5. Never try to adjust an assembled slat by using a pry bar. Excessive pressure is not required. Normally the slats can be installed without too much force. 6. Make sure to use 0.200” (5mm) thick supporting beams to guarantee the perfect interlocking of flooring and beams. 7. The beam support must be completely flat to avoid tilting and give the construction the best possible stability. 8. Do not attach the beams to the walls. Plastic slats always have a small movement due to expansion or contraction depending on temperature changes. 9. Only attach other material to the flooring by using special floor anchors. 10. Farrowing crates should only be fixed to the supporting beams. Only use special anchors that have a flat contact side to the beams, otherwise beams could get damaged. Tools Required Jigsaw, rubber hammer, folding ruler or tape measure, and marker