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15" Cool Cell Tank Kit for Submersible Pump

SKU: AEC1606
Aerotech/Munters 15" cool cell tank kit for submersible pump. Includes all fittings, clamps and plumbing hardware.

16" Plastic Fan Discharge Cone w/o Guard

SKU: AFH3316
16" Aerotech®/Munters® plastic fan discharge cone, without guard. No mounting hardware included.

20 Mesh Screen for 1-1/2" In-Line Filter

SKU: AEC1098
20 mesh screen for 1-1/2" in-line cool cell filter.

Aerotech Cone Hardware Package

SKU: AHP1034
Hardware package for assembling cone sections used with 36" and 48" fans.

Aerotech Fan Cone Section

SKU: AFH3348
Single section of fan cone for 48" fan.

Aerotech/Munters® 24" Poly Fan Cone

SKU: AFH3524
24" fan white poly discharge cone without guard. Does not include mounting hardware.

Aerotech® Fan Blade Bushing 5/8" x 1-1/2"

SKU: AFP2056
Bushing for Aerotech® fan blade. 5/8" x 1-1/2"

Aerotech®/Munters 24" Classic AT Fan Guard Grill

SKU: AFH1237
Aerotech® 24" circulation fan guard grill for Classic AT direct drive fan. Grill measures 24-1/8" diameter.

Aerotech®/Munters Advantage 24" Fan Housing

SKU: AFH3424
Housing for 24" Aerotech/Munters fan.

Aerotech®/Munters® 48" Fan Guard

SKU: AFH2648
PVC coated round fan guard for Aerotech®/Munters® 48" fans. Includes mounting hardware.