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Egg Belts

Hog Slat Egg Belts

Hog Slat egg belt can be used in new nest installations or to replace worn-out belts in existing applications.

  • Produced specifically for Hog Slat by one of the world’s top manufacturers of webbing material and egg belts
  • Our belts meet or exceed the performance of other egg belt brands for a significantly lower price
  • Pre-stretched polypropylene belt resists moisture absorption to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Herringbone weave keeps eggs in place on the belt during collection

Features & Benefits

Heavy-Duty: .063” thick belt

Less Stretch: 2.1% @ 500 lbs.

Reduced Shrinkage: 1.5% at 175°F

Higher Breaking Strength

2” to 8” Widths Available in 840’ to 1509’ Rolls

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Hog Slat egg belts are available in a variety of widths and lengths to meet the needs of all common egg collection applications.

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Heavy-duty material and herringbone weave makes Hog Slat egg belts highly durable and protect eggs during the collection process.

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