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Hog Slat, Inc. is the largest contractor and manufacturer of hog equipment in the United States with approximately 1,000 people directly employed and an additional 1,400 subcontractors working on the company's construction projects. Hog Slat / Georgia Poultry has constructed turnkey units for both family farms and large corporate farm units in the United States. Hog Slat / Georgia Poultry also sells equipment packages to customers who choose to construct their own facilities, both domestically and internationally.

Industry News
Hog Slat, Inc. Celebrates 50 Years in Business
Hog Slat brings over 50 years of industry experience in providing equipment and housing to livestock producers.
Hog Slat’s E-Z Clean Corner Enables Efficiency in Chain Feeding Systems
Enable quick visual inspection and easy removal of accumulated feed in chain feeding systems.
Hog Slat Offers Safe, Affordable Solution to Check Feed Bin Levels
Quickly and safely check feed bin content levels from the ground with Hog Slat’s telescoping Bin Stik.
Latest Blog Posts
Ventilation Notes #2 - Props
Ventilation Notes #2 - Props

Learn how prop design affects air delivery and efficiency of ventilation fans.


First, a few prop basics.



Air movement across a fan prop is not equal.  A 54-inch fan turning at 560 revolut...

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Fogger cooling
Fogger cooling

Fogger systems cool pigs by evaporation.

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Objectively scoring sow body condition
Objectively scoring sow body condition

The Sow Caliper turns a subjective visual evaluation of sow body condition into an objective measurement.


Think of it as being similar to using a thermometer to measure temperature.  If nursery ma...

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