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Maintaining proper temperature in your barn is essential for ideal animal comfort and growth. We offer a complete line of quality heating equipment including our own line of brooders and tube heaters; Gro40, GroTube and Big Foot. We also stock repair and maintenance parts for L.B. White®, Hired Hand®, PuraFire™and Gasolec® box heaters and brooders.  Save time and money, order repair parts online and have them delivered directly to your farm door.

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Grower SELECT® Air Proving Switch

GrowerSELECT® air proving switch for PuraFire 80M & 225M heaters.

Grower SELECT® High Limit Switch

GrowerSELECT® high limit switch, 350°F temperature limit with manual reset.

Grower SELECT® Flame Sensor Rod

GrowerSELECT® flame sensor rod for AP® PuraFire heaters.

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Fixture

Durable plastic (polypropylene) lamps will not corrode or dent and flexible sides cushion bulbs from breakage.
From $13.42

LB White® Thermocouple for I-17 Brooder

Replacement thermocouple with auto reset for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater.

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Cord Set Assembly

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Cord Set Assembly
From $7.62

PuraFire Main Gas Valve - LP

PuraFire LP Main Gas Valve. Fits 80M & 225M heaters.

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits for LP or NG heaters
From $21.45

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Shade

Replacement shade for Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp (Item # HS664). Shade only.

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $4.00

Solaira™ Alpha Series Electric Infrared Heaters

Alpha Series Heaters produce short wave length infrared that convert 85% of consumed energy to instant, controllable, directional heat.
From $404.26

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $0.70

Filter Kit for LB White® I-17 Brooder

Replacement filter kit for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater. Includes filter and filter sleeve.

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Metal Hanger

Replacement metal hanger for the Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp (Item # HS664).

Hog Slat® PuraFire Heater LP Regulator

1-1/4" LP regulator for PuraFire forced air heaters.

Solaira™ SMaRT 34A & 16A DV Heater Controls

Solaira SMaRT controllers allow users to variably control Alpha electric heater output to maximize comfort levels.
From $321.85