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Solaira™ Infrared Heaters

Perfect for use in workrooms, patios, decks and other areas that clean, focused heating is desired. S-Wave high intensity low light radiant heat produced by Solaira, like sunshine, gives warmth you can feel the instant the heaters are switched on. Consider a cool cloudy day that becomes instantly warm when the clouds move and you are in full sunshine. The air temperature did not change but what you are feeling is the shortwave infrared produced by the sun…like Solaira Heaters. This shortwave infrared IS NOT DANGEROUS ULTRAVIOLET (UV) as this is another part of the spectral wavelength produced by the sun. 

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Solaira™ Alpha Series Electric Infrared Heaters

Multiple SKUs available....
Alpha Series Heaters produce short wave length infrared that convert 85% of consumed energy to instant, controllable, directional heat.
From $488.00

Solaira™ SMaRT 34A & 16A DV Heater Controls

Multiple SKUs available....
Solaira SMaRT controllers allow users to variably control Alpha electric heater output to maximize comfort levels.
From $498.00