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Heat Pad

Heat pads offer an effective and cost efficient way to keep your pig litters warm and get them off to a healthy start. By using a heat pad, piglets are able to better absorb and utilize the heat being provided resulting in more active and robust litters. Hog Slat offers the Stanfield® heat pad and accessories as well as the MicroZone controller by HerdStar® to maintain consistent levels of heat by continually adjusting both your heat pads and lamps. Count on Hog Slat to provide complete heating solutions for all your operation's needs.

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KANE Single Side Heat Mats

KANE Single Side Farrowing Heat Mats / Pads
From $103.24

KANE Double Side Heat Mat 27"W x 60"L

KANE heat mats put the heat where it belongs, under the baby pigs.

Stanfield® Heat Pad

Provides a uniform warm surface 30-35° above air temperature.
From $105.67

Stanfield® Cord Protector

24" long cover protects power cord from excessive damage.

MircoZone Control

The MicroZone control offers automatic control of heat lamps and mats, saving energy and reducing crushed pigs by correcting for room temperature to provided consistent heat levels.

MircoZone Power Modulator

The MicroZone power modulator regulates the power going to the heat lamps or mats in response to commands from the MicroZone controller.

MircoZone Power Supply, 110V

The MicroZone power supply provides the low voltage power to the MicroZone controller.

MircoZone Temperature Sensor

MicroZone temperature sensor allows accurate measurement of the animal's room environment.

KANE Manual Heat Pad Control

KANE rheostat for manual heat pad control. 300 Watt 110v.