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Rubber creep and wean mats are an excellent choice for farrowing barns because they provide great traction for young pigs and can help retain heat from lamps while minimizing starter feed loss. Hog Slat also offers various Compost-A-Mat® options to help provide a fresh, clean area for your piglets in addition to generating feedback and composting material for your operation. 

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30" x 36" Compost-A-Mat® Creep Mat

Biodegradable, disposable creep mat helps reduce scouring in pig farrowing crates and provide clean, warm spaces for pigs to rest before weaning.
From $3.39

4'x 8' Compost-A-Mat® Wean-to-Finish Mat

Compost-A-Mat® wean-to-finish mats are designed as single use mats for wean to finish operations. Benefits include reduced labor, disease issues and improved sanitation.
From $9.83

Rubber Creep Mats - Extended Tabs No Lip

100% rubber creep mats with extended creep panel tabs and no lip around the edge. Available in single and double sided models.
From $15.06

28" x 42" Creep Mat

Double Creep mat without Feed Saver Lip

28-1/4" x 40" Creep Mat w/ Feed Saver Lip

Double Creep with Feed Saver Lip

Wean Mat 39" x 39"

Heavy molded wean mat perfect for starting young pigs on feed.

Wean to Finish Mat 48" x 72"

Wean to finish mat helps get pigs off to a good start by keeping them dry and reducing feed waste.

4' x 6' PolyMAT Wean Mat

Lightweight mat weighs only 17lbs.

Slat Mat

Slat Mat for placement under swine feeders to protect slats
From $48.36

Gro-Loc Fastners

Complete assembly includes 3/8" x 4" stainless steel bolt and washer. Priced per each.