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FARMSTEAD Equipment is manufactured and sourced to provide high-quality, durable equipment for our customers raising smaller quantities of pigs, chickens, turkeys and other livestock. Our selection of chicken feeders, pig feeders, chicken nest boxes, water nipples, drinking supplies and other equipment has been tested and proven to provide the best value on the market for pastured and outdoor raised animals. 

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High Capacity Double Sided Chicken Feeder

This high capacity double sided chicken feeder is constructed of galvanized metal and is suitable for feeding larger flocks of chickens or other poultry.

36" Reel Top Metal Chicken Feeder Trough

Galvanized metal range chicken feeder trough with spinning top reel for feeding chickens of all sizes.

Double Door Hog Feeder

The FARMSTEAD double door hog feeder is designed to feed up to 8 pigs to market weight. Galvanized metal construction built to last in outdoor environments.

KANE Single Side Heat Mats

KANE Single Side Farrowin Heat Mats / Pads
From $101.01

Chicken Drinking Bucket with 3 Nipples

Heavy duty poultry drinking bucket with 3 nipples. Specifically designed to help keep drinking water cleaner and make filling easier.

FARMSTEAD 10 Hole Chicken Nest

The 10 hole galvanized steel chicken nest box provides 4 nesting spaces for up to 40 chickens to use when laying eggs.

KANE Double Side Heat Mat 27"W x 60"L

KANE heat mats put the heat where it belongs, under the baby pigs.

Shutter Exhaust Fan Pre-Wired

Shutter Exhaust Fan Pre-Wired
From $159.22

Single Door Hog Feeder

The FARMSTEAD single door hog feeder is designed to feed up to 4 pigs to market weight. Galvanized metal construction built to last in outdoor environments.

18" 3 Speed Circulation Fan - OSHA Grill

18" circulation fan with OSHA approved grill. 3 speeds. Pre-wired 115V plug with 8' cord.

AquaChief™ Complete Drinker (Single Mount)

AquaChief™ complete single mount cup waterer kit. Includes water cup, water pipe with nipple, backing plates and all mounting hardware.

Cast Farrowing Stall Flooring

Cast iron farrowing stall flooring sections that interlock with our TriDEK creep flooring sections to complete farrowing crate floor assemblies.
From $102.96

C-Flex Deer Fence

C-Flex deer fence by Tenax® is a reliable deer fencing option that can be used to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden, orchards and other areas.

Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks

The Comfort heating plate mimics a mother hen by allowing chicks to gather under the plate to keep warm. Less costly to operate than a standard heat bulb. Cover not included.
From $49.26

FARMSTEAD 4 Hole Chicken Nest

The 4 hole galvanized steel chicken nest box provides 4 nesting spaces for up to 16 chickens to use when laying eggs.


The GrowerSELECT® large nest pad features durable rubber construction with fingers to cushion and support eggs.

Hog Slat® Advantage Farrowing Crate

Hog Slat® Advantage Sow Farrowing Crate
From $588.00

Pig Sorting Panel - Pink

Special show version of polyethylene sorting panels. Same light-weight construction but now in stylish pink for the arena.
From $19.48

Poly Feed Pan - Blue

Durable 8" tall blue polypropylene portable feed pan for pigs and other livestock.
From $16.59

Single Sidewall Inlet 5.5" x 22.5"

Single sidewall inlet, self adjusting. 5.5"H x 22.5"L.

15" Bolt-On Leg Pkg, Galv.

Bolt-on leg fastens horizontal penning to flooring.
From $18.00

30" Feeder Wall Bracket

Use with feeders to atttached panel feeder bracket.

Feeder Wall Brackets

Feeder Mounting Wall Brackets
From $10.00

Push-In Style Poultry Water Nipple

Innovative push-in style poultry drinking nipple makes it easy to create your own chicken drinking bucket.

Single Hole Gate Clip

Use single hole clips on gate ends.

TriDEK Farrowing Floor

Self-supporting TriDEK farrowing floor sections that lock into cast flooring sections on each side to complete farrowing stall floor assemblies.
From $128.00

Variable Speed Fan Control

Infinite speed variable control. Mounts in a standard 2" gang box, not included.

11" x 12" Nest Pad

Economy Nest Pad, Blue Gray Turf

CintoFlex 4' Mesh Poultry Netting

Tenax® Aviary Net is safe and its unique mesh structure holds up to even the toughest birds.

Cover for Comfort Heating Plate

Transparent durable plastic cover to protect the top of your Comfort Heating Plate. Keeps birds off the plate and makes cleaning easier!
From $14.41

Creep Panels - Galvanized

Heavy-duty galvanized creep wall panels for farrowing crate assemblies.
From $26.00

Egg Scoop Blue Metal Handle

39" egg scoop with blue metal handle and red plastic basket. Used to pick up floor eggs easier.