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Chicken & Poultry Water Drinking

Keeping fresh, clean drinking water available to your backyard chickens, waterfowl or other birds is essential to their well being. The FARMSTEAD line of products offers multiple solutions to your needs regardless of the amount or age of your birds. 

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Push-In Style Poultry Water Nipple

SKU: FS110
Innovative push-in style poultry drinking nipple makes it easy to create your own chicken drinking bucket.

Ignition V Poultry Drinking Fountain

SKU: SG-665200-5
Manual fill fountain provides birds with easy access to water and can be placed on the floor or hung from the handle to reduce contaminating the pan.

Automatic Poultry Water Trough

SKU: CO70529
Water drinking trough for chickens and other poultry. Trough supplied by 1.85 gallon (7L) water tank and 32' hose.

1 gallon Chick Water Fountain

SKU: 499
7" Twist-lock base is easy to attach and remove.

Heated 2 Gal Chicken Water Bucket

Heated 2 gallon chicken water drinking bucket features built-in heater with thermostat to prevent chicken drinking water from freezing during the winter.

Chicken Water Bucket De-Icer Heater

Cast aluminum heater keeps chicken nipple water buckets from freezing. Built-in thermostat controls on/off function.

3/4" FPT Bulkhead Fitting for 1-1/2" Hole

Bulkhead fitting for 1-1/2" hole. Inside is 3/4" FPT.

Kerick Mini Float Valve - Tank Mount- 1/2" NPT

Kerick mini float valve with 1/2" NPT inlet. Tank mount.

Plastic Drain Spigot Valve

Multiple SKUs available....
Plastic drain spigot valve available with 1/2" or 3/4" MPT.
From $5.25