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Chicken & Poultry Feeders

Hog Slat's FARMSTEAD product line offers some of the most durable and innovative metal and plastic poultry feeders on the market. Whether you need to feed chickens, ducks, turkeys or game birds; we have you covered.

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High Capacity Double Sided Chicken Feeder

This high capacity double sided chicken feeder is constructed of galvanized metal and is suitable for feeding larger flocks of chickens or other poultry.

36" Reel Top Metal Chicken Feeder Trough

Galvanized metal range chicken feeder trough with spinning top reel for feeding chickens of all sizes.

FARMSTEAD "Flex" 22 LB Metal Chicken Feeder

Our 22 pound capacity "Flex" metal chicken feeder can be used free standing by extending the fold out legs or hanging by using the built-in handle.

Rain Hat Cover for "Flex" Metal Chicken Feeder

Plastic "rain hat" cover for our 22 lb "Flex" metal chicken feeder helps keep feed dry in the hopper and pan. Allows the metal chicken feeder to be used outside without rain ruining feed.

Anti-Waste Ring for "Flex" Metal Chicken Feeder

Plastic anti-waste trough ring slides over our 22 lb "Flex" metal chicken feeder hopper and covers the pan to reduce feed waste caused by birds pulling or "raking" feed out of the trough onto the ground.

Lid for "Flex" Chicken Feeder

Plastic cover lid for the FARMSTEAD "Flex" Chicken Feeder.

Turbo Grow Chick Feeder

Turbo Grow pre-starter chick feeder.

Turbogrow 2 Chick Feeder

Third generation chick feeder helps transition birds to eating out of pan feeders.

Hanging Chicken Feeders

Economic Hanging Chicken Feeders
From $16.03

22 lb Hanging Chicken Feeder

Economy-priced plastic feeder with anti-scratch vanes and feed saver lip.

35 lb Hanging Chicken Feeder

Constructed of polyethylene plastic and features a feed saver grill to reduce waste.

Feather Feeder™

Five gallon Feather Feeder™ bucket holds 25 pounds of feed.

Hanging Chicken Feeders - Galvanized

Traditional galvanized poultry feeder with carry/ hanging handle.
From $16.03

12 lb. Hanging Chicken Feeder - Galvanized

Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety.

40 lb. Hanging Chicken Feeder - Galvanized

High capacity hanging feeders reduce chore time.