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Chicken & Poultry Feeders

Hog Slat's FARMSTEAD product line offers some of the most durable and innovative metal and plastic poultry feeders on the market. Whether you need to feed chickens, ducks, turkeys or game birds; we have you covered.

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FARMSTEAD "Flex" Feeder Combo

This great deal includes our versatile "Flex" metal chicken feeder, protective rain hat cover and anti-waste feeder ring in one package for a better price than purchasing each item separately.

FARMSTEAD "Flex" 22 LB Metal Chicken Feeder

SKU: CO30131
Our 22 pound capacity "Flex" metal chicken feeder can be used free standing by extending the fold out legs or hanging by using the built-in handle.

35 lb. Blue Hanging Chicken Feeder

SKU: CO30217
Blue plastic chicken feeder holds roughly 35 pounds (16kg) of feed and has a translucent design that allows feed levels to be monitored without removing the lid or even entering the chicken coop.

Double-Tuf® 1.5 LB Plastic Poultry Feeder

SKU: DT9854
Compact 1.5 pound plastic poultry feeder is a great solution during brooding to provide food for young chicks. The built-in Feed Saver Ring minimizes spillage and prevents wasted food. Holds up to 1.5 pounds of feed.

Rain Hat Cover for "Flex" Metal Chicken Feeder

SKU: CO70559
Plastic "rain hat" cover for our 22 lb "Flex" metal chicken feeder helps keep feed dry in the hopper and pan. Allows the metal chicken feeder to be used outside without rain ruining feed.

Anti-Waste Ring for "Flex" Metal Chicken Feeder

SKU: CO30646
Plastic anti-waste trough ring slides over our 22 lb "Flex" metal chicken feeder hopper and covers the pan to reduce feed waste caused by birds pulling or "raking" feed out of the trough onto the ground.

Lid for "Flex" Chicken Feeder

SKU: CO7052800
Plastic cover lid for the FARMSTEAD "Flex" Chicken Feeder.

36" Reel Top Metal Chicken Feeder Trough

SKU: 9836
Galvanized metal range chicken feeder trough with spinning top reel for feeding chickens of all sizes.

20" Metal Trough Reel Top Range Feeder

SKU: CO30451
20" long galvanized metal chicken feeder trough features a "spinning reel" bar across the top of the trough to prevent birds from roosting on the feeder or getting into the feed.

Turbo Grow Chick Feeder

SKU: 355900E
Turbo Grow pre-starter chick feeder.

Turbogrow 2 Chick Feeder

SKU: 355903IN
Third generation chick feeder helps transition birds to eating out of pan feeders.

Kuhl® 35 lb Hanging Chicken Feeder

Chicken feeder constructed of HDPE plastic featuring a feed saver grill to reduce waste.
From $24.45

Kuhl Hanging Feeder Cover

Cover for Kuhl plastic hanging feeders.

Feather Feeder™

SKU: 52105
Five gallon Feather Feeder™ bucket holds 25 pounds of feed.

12 lb. Hanging Chicken Feeder - Galvanized

SKU: 9112
Constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety.

40 lb. Hanging Chicken Feeder - Galvanized

SKU: 914273
High capacity hanging feeders reduce chore time.