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Pet Products

Your pets are just as important to you as the livestock animals you care for. Hog Slat offers a complete selection of products from KANE Manufacturing including an automatic dog feeder, heated water bowl and heated mat to keep your pets fed, watered and warm. 

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KANE Automatic Dog Feeder - 25 Lbs

The KANE automatic dog feeder keep fresh food available at all times and helps prevent waste and spoilage.

KANE Heated Dog Waterer

The KANE heated dog waterer prevents water from freezing, even at temperatures of -30°F.

KANE Automatic Water Bowl - Polyethylene

Heavy duty polyethylene automatic pet water bowl with stainless steel valve cover.

KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats w/ Thermostat

Multiple SKUs available....
KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats/Pads w/ Thermostat
From $241.66

KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats w/ Rheostat Control

Multiple SKUs available....
KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats/Pads w/ Rheostat Control
From $117.09

KANE TD-30 Thermostat

The TD-30 thermostatic control device is designed for safe and effective heat mat surface temperature management. This state of art controller will maintain any pre-selected temperature up to 110°F.

KANE Heat Pad Rheostat Control

Plugs right into your outlet to provide a quick and easy way to regulate temperature of KANE heat mats.