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Timers & Thermostats

Timers and thermostats to control feed, ventilation equipment, fans, water pumps and other equipment commonly used in hog and poultry houses. 

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Intermatic® Tripper Pins

12 pack of replacement tripper pins for Intermatic® T1900, T2000, C8800, R8800 and T8800 Series timer switches.

Intermatic® Tripper Pins for "T" Series Timers

Replacement tripper pins for Intermatic "T" Series timer switches.

Hog Slat® 30 Min Adjustable Duty Cycle Timer

Hog Slat® 30 minute adjustable duty cycle timer features two buttons to adjust on and off time individually.

Hog Slat® Thermostats

Our best selling electromechanical thermostat designed for heating, cooling and ventilation applications.
From $55.07

Intermatic® Digital Wall Timer EI400C

Intermatic® digital wall timer, suitable for a variety of applications.

Hog Slat® Single Stage NEMA 4x Thermostat

NEMA 4X enclosure single stage thermostat for heating and cooling control applications.

Intermatic® 24 HR Digital Waterproof Timer

Intermatic® 24 HR digital waterproof timer switch. Up to 14 programmable events (28 on/off).

Tork® 1 HR Timer Switch 120V - Plastic Case

Tork® short cycle 1 hour timer switch. Tripper activates 30 second cycles. 120V, SPDT Indoor/Outdoor plastic enclosure.

Hog Slat® Pre-wired NEMA 4x Thermostat (Heat Only)

Pre-wired NEMA 4X enclosure single stage thermostat for heaters.

Hog Slat® Pre-Wired Thermostat w/ 20' Cord (Heat Only)

Our most popular weather tight thermostat with 20' pre-wired piggy back cord. Improves performance of heaters by moving the thermostat away from the heater housings.

Intermatic® 24 HR Timer Switch 240V, Metal Case

Intermatic 24 Hour cycle timer

Single Stage Thermostat - Metal Housing

Standard single stage electromechanical thermostat with metal housing for both heating and cooling applications. 120V/240V.

Multifan® Single Stage Thermostat

Multifan® single stage electromechanical thermostat in weatherproof enclosure.

Dwyer® TSW Weatherproof Electronic Thermostat

The TSW series electronic thermostat combines the trusted, reliable TS family of temperature controls and an installation friendly weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure. 20A contact rating. High and low voltage models available.
From $89.82

Intermatic® 24 HR Timer Switch 120V, Metal Case

Housed in Metal Case with 40 Amp Rating

Digital Thermostat A421 Series NEMA 4x 120V/240V

The A421 Series control is a single stage, electronic temperature control thermostat with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay and a NEMA 4X housing.

Honeywell 4-Stage Thermostat

Accurate electronic control of up to four heating or ventilation devices. Comes with 5' temperature sensor.

Intermatic® 24 HR 7 Day Timer Switch 120V Metal Case

24 hour mechanical time switch provides up to 96 operations (48 On/48 Off) every 24 hours using 15 minute incremental time intervals. Skip-A-Day feature allows timer to function only on specific days, as needed.

Dwyer® Temperature Sensor Assembly

Air Temperature Sensors are great for monitoring ambient air temperatures in swine/poultry barns and outdoor applications. The temperature sensors are mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure with integral mounting tabs. The mounting tabs can be used to surface or suspension mount the temperature sensors.

Intermatic® 24 HR Timer Switch 120V Skip-A-Day Metal

Intermatic® 24 hour timer switch controls up to 10 on/off functions per day. Skip-A-Day feature allows the timer to skip days that it doesn't need to run. 120v 40AMP.

Sensors for A421 Series Digital Thermostats

Replacement/alternate A99B Series temperature sensor probes for use with the A421 series digital thermostats.
From $26.52

20' Piggy-Back Cord Only - 14 GA

Turn any electromechanical thermostat into a remote thermostat with this 20' cord set.

20' Piggy-Back Cord Only - 18 GA

Turn any electromechanical thermostat into a remote thermostat with this 20' cord set.

Controller & Alarm Sensor Wire

18/2 wire, sold by the foot.
From $0.31