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Medicator Pumps

Hog Slat stocks the most popular brands and sizes of medicators for your farm along with replacement parts to keep them running. Our selection of Dosatron®, Chemilizer™, Gator-XL™, MixRite™ and Stenner™ medicator pumps are in stock and ready to ship!

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Gator-XL™ Medicator

SKU: IS8001
The Gator-XL is the worldwide choice for proportionally adding any solution into a water system for livestock, agriculture, horticulture, sanitation, water treatment, etc.

Gator-XL™ Service Kit

SKU: IS8030
Service Kit for Gator (IS8030)

Gator-XL™ Quick Clip Pump Piston

SKU: IS8039
(Key 40-6) Replacement Quick Clip for Gator (IS8030)

Chemilizer™ HN55 Fixed Ratio Medicator

SKU: CH9000-209
The original diaphragm medicator. Standard fixed injection ratio of 1:128. Lower pump kit can be easily removed for servicing and replacement.

Chemilizer™ Adjustable Ratio Medicator

The original diaphragm medicator. Adjustable mixing ratios from 1:50 to 1:164 gives you a wider flow rate to use with cleaners and water treatments.

Hog Slat® Medicator Pump DPLH128

The Hog Slat medicator pump offers outstanding performance at an economical price.

Dosatron® D128R Medicator

SKU: 52900
The original flat top medicator pump, producers' choice for over 30 years. Pre-set 1:128 ratio can be adjusted by simply moving a pin.

e128 Electric Metering Pump

SKU: E128
The e128 is the perfect pump for both your medicating and water treatment needs. The pump's operation is NOT affected by water quality and is simple to use, highly reliable, and compact.

GroDoser Wear Kit

SKU: F-017235WSP
Repair kit for most common wear parts

MixRite 2501 Fixed Rate Pump

SKU: DI7125010
The MixRite fixed rate medicator pump accurately proportions concentrate into water supply lines at a 1:128 dilution ratio.

MixRite 2502 Adjustable Rate Pump

SKU: DI712502
The MixRite adjustable rate medicator pump accurately proportions concentrate into water supply lines at a dilution ratio that is adjustable between 1:300 and 1:50.

Stenner S128 Medicator Pump

SKU: S4M8XAA3011
The S128 is designed to automatically inject solution into the water line proportional to the system water flow at a ratio of 1 ounce of solution to 128 ounces of process water. Activated by a dry contacting pulse water meter, the pump automatically adjusts to the water flow.

Suction Hose Assembly for Hog Slat Medicator

Replacement suction hose and filter assembly for Hog Slat medicator.

Top Motor Cap

SKU: IS1021
Top motor cap for the Gator-XL medicator.

Black Lid for Hog Slat Medicator

Replacement black lid for Hog Slat medicator pump.

Chemilizer™ Kynar Sleeve

SKU: 10097374
Replacement Kynar dosing sleeve for 1:128 and 1:100 fixed ratio Chemilizer pumps.

Dosatron® D25F Medicator

SKU: 52900D25F
Features a higher flow rate designed to handle larger building.

GroDoser Check Valve Gasket

SKU: F15404
Replacement viton check valve gasket for GroDoser I & II.

GroDoser Dosage Piston Assy

SKU: HS1035
Replacement for GroDoser I & II.

GroDoser Hose Nut

SKU: HS1010
Replacement for GroDoser I & II

GroDoser Lower End O-Ring

SKU: HS1005
Replacement for GroDoser I & II

GroDoser Lower End Shaft

SKU: HS1009
Replacement for GroDoser I & II

GroDoser Poppet Spring

SKU: HS1003
Replacement poppet spring for GroDoser I & II medicator.

GroDoser Poppet with Spring

SKU: HS1004
Replacement for GroDoser I & II