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Stenner Pumps

Stenner medicator pumps are adaptable to all existing poultry and swine barns with pulsing dry contact water meters, no additional equipment is required. Typical medicators use water to mix stock solutions needed for injection and are adversely affected by poor water quality such as grit, hardness or iron. Poor water quality does not affect the performance of Stenner pumps because they inject straight into the water line eliminating garden hose bypasses and other installation that can restrict water flow during periods of high demand.

Stenner Pumps offer medicator models including the new S128 Medicator Pump, Classic Single Head fixed and adjustable models, Econ Stennicator and Econ Integrator™ to meet the water treatment needs in all phases of pork and poultry production.

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Stenner S128 Medicator Pump

SKU: S4M8XAA3011
The S128 is designed to automatically inject solution into the water line proportional to the system water flow at a ratio of 1 ounce of solution to 128 ounces of process water. Activated by a dry contacting pulse water meter, the pump automatically adjusts to the water flow.

Stenner Classic Single Head Fixed Pump

The Classic Series single head fixed output pump is a peristaltic metering pump that injects solutions at a fixed rate and works great with controllers.

Stenner Classic Single Head Adjustable Pump

Multiple SKUs available....
Inject at the well head with the Classic Series adjustable pump for disinfection or acidification to treat multiple locations from a single source.
From $497.25

Stenner Econ Integrator™ Digital Pump

Multiple SKUs available....
The Econ Integrator™ is ideal for proportional injection via a dry contact water meter for livestock water treatment. The additional benefit of the pump's internal relay allows the use of one water meter for both water treatment and to record water consumption to a house controller.
From $413.65

Stennicator 1:128 Fixed Pump Medicator

Poor water quality does not affect the performance of the Stennicator; the pump injects straight into the water line eliminating garden hose bypasses that restrict flow.

Classic Tube Kits - High Pressure

Multiple SKUs available....
Replacement tube kits for high pressure Stenner Classic medicator pumps.
From $40.32

Classic Tube Kits - Low Pressure

Multiple SKUs available....
Replacement tube kits for low pressure Stenner Classic medicator pumps.
From $35.16

Stenner Econ Pump Replacement Tube Kits

SKU: EC30H-2
Replacement tube kit for Stenner Econ pump models: Econ FP / FX / Integrator™ / Stennicator / T / VX & Black.

Stenner S128 Replacement Tubes

Multiple SKUs available....
Replacement tubes for the Stenner S128 Medicator Pump
From $36.19

Stenner Pumps Injection Check Valves - Duckbill

Multiple SKUs available....
Duckbill style injection check valves for use with Stenner medicator pumps. Compatible with all pump models except S4 prefix pump models.
From $17.60

Stenner Ball Check Valve - 3/8"

SKU: BC038-1
3/8" includes tantalum spring; FKM seat & O-ring; nut;. Fits all Stenner brand pump models.

Suction & Discharge Tubing - White

Multiple SKUs available....
Suction & Discharge Tubing for Stenner Pump - White
From $12.15

Suction & Discharge Tubing - Black

Multiple SKUs available....
Suction & Discharge Tubing for Stenner Pump - Black
From $12.15

Stenner Check Valve Duckbill

Replacement check valve duckbill for high pressure application Stenner pump tubes.

Stennicator Black Roller Assembly

Replacement black roller assembly for Stennicator and Integrator pumps.

Stennicator White Roller Assembly

Replacement white roller assembly for Stenner pumps.

Stenner Classic Feed Rate Control Service Kit

Feed rate control service kit for Stenner Classic Adjustable Rate pumps.

Stenner 1/4" Flow Indicator with Bracket

SKU: AK600
Visual reference to confirm solution is pumping; bracket (not shown) secures vertical installation.

Stenner 3/8" Connecting Nut

3/8" replacement connecting nut. Fits all models of Stenner pumps requiring 3/8" nuts. Priced/sold each.