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Pest Control

Hog Slat offers a wide range of products to help you keep insects, rodents and other unwanted pests out of your barns. We stock rat/mouse bait from Liphatech and Motomco, a varity of bait stations and insect control products from Bayer and Starbar. Add these products to your operation to reduce and eliminate unwanted visitors in your buildings.

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Agrid3® Organic Chunxs - 4 lb Bucket

SKU: M-23144
The first and only rodenticide registered by the EPA for use in organic production.

Steel Anchor Stake for Rodent Bait Stations

SKU: 8312
10" steel anchor stakes to secure rodent bait stations.

Cannon™ Soft Bait - 4 Lb. Bag

SKU: LT83904
Cannon™ by Liphatech is the world's first Bromethalin soft bait. Provides effective knockdown and clean-out performance.

Country Vet Metered Fly Spray

SKU: 01-005
Country vet fly spray kills and repels flies, gnats, mosquitoes and small flying moths. Use with the Country Vet automatic dispenser.

FlyRelief™ Trap Disposable Fly Trap

Multiple SKUs available....
FlyRelief™ Trap Disposable Fly Trap
From $6.55

Tempo® SC Ultra

SKU: BAY80694254
32ml bottle makes two gallons of spray; enough to treat 2,000 sq. ft.

Tomcat® Chunxs - 9 lb. Bucket

SKU: M-32446
Perfect for use in bait stations around your premises. 9 pound bucket of 1 ounce blocks (144 baits).

DoubleTap™ Soft Bait - 4 lb. Bag

SKU: LT87500
Add DoubleTap soft bait into your rotation, especially on farms where other active ingredients and bait formulations have been used for long time periods.

Starbar® Trap 'N Toss™ Disposable Fly Trap

SKU: 14624
This handy, disposable fly trap – complete with its own attractant – holds thousands of flies. When it fills up with flies, just toss it out.

AEGIS®-RP Bait Station (Locking)

SKU: LT83860
The locking AEGIS-RP Bait Stations are ideal for use where tamper resistant placement of rodenticides is required.

Gunslinger® Mini Blocks, 130 Ct. pail

SKU: LT83921
Break the bait rotation cycle with this deadly "clean out" rodenticide.

Starbar® Captivator® Fly Trap

SKU: 14680
Captivator® Fly Trap is a heavy duty, reusable and economical plastic jar that comes with 1 tube of attractant.

AEGIS®-RP Bait Station (Non-Locking)

SKU: LT83861
Excellent choice when tamper-resistant rat bait placement is not required.

Country Vet Air Freshener Refill Cans

Multiple SKUs available....
Country Vet Air Freshener Refill Cans
From $8.58

Revolver™ Soft Bait, 8 lb. pail

SKU: LT87400
Add texture to your bait rotation...rats and mice prefer soft baits.

Starbar® Milk Jugg™ Fly Trap (2 Pack)

SKU: 3002613
Turn ordinary plastic milk jugs into economical, effective fly traps. A Milk Jugg™ Trap pack comes with two escape-proof plastic tops and attractant.

Tempo® SC Ultra Premise Spray

Strong insecticidal activity in a stable, suspension concentrated liquid

Tomcat® Loose Pellets - 10 lb. Bucket

SKU: M-32345
Tomcat is an economical bait choice for day-to-day control of recurring rodent problems. 10 pound bucket of loose pellets, excellent for burrowing applications.

Aegis® Rat Bait Station (Black w/ Black Lid)

SKU: LT83812
Aegis Rat Bait Stations were designed specifically to cater to the feeding habits of rats while protecting bait from non-target species.

Country Vet Automatic Metered Dispenser Kit

SKU: 01-006
Automatic metered dispenser kit complete with one can of air freshener and one can of fly spray.

Revolver™ Soft Bait, 16 lb pail

SKU: LT87405
Rats and mice prefer the texture and taste of soft baits...adds variety to the bait rotation.

Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant Refill

SKU: 57102
This bait can be used with the Captivator®, Fly Terminator® Pro and other reusable fly traps. Each package (pouch) contains 30 grams of water soluable attractant.

Aegis® Rat Bait Station (Black w/ Clear Lid)

SKU: LT83813
Aegis Rat Bait Stations were designed specifically to cater to the feeding habits of rats while protecting bait from non-target species. Clear lid option makes monitoring baits quick and easy.

Country Vet Automatic Metered Dispenser

SKU: 01-008
Automatic metered dispenser for use with Country Vet metered air freshener and fly spray.