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Insecticides & Concentrates

Minimize nuisance flies and infestations of ants and other insects with effective insecticides and concentrated premise sprays from Starbar® and Bayer®. Choose from scatter baits and liquid concentrates to quickly control and maintain your barns and buildings during bug season.

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Tempo® SC Ultra

32ml bottle makes two gallons of spray; enough to treat 2,000 sq. ft.

Tempo® SC Ultra Premise Spray

Strong insecticidal activity in a stable, suspension concentrated liquid

Bayer® Tempo® 1% Dust Insecticide

Provides effective pest control and easy application with little to no odor.

Tempo® 20 WP Insecticide

Wettable Powder containg 20% cyfluthrin, ideal for rough surface and areas with large amounts of dust and organic debris.

Credo® SC

Use in rotation with Tempo to prevent build-up of chemical resistance by insects.

Pyronyl™ Crop Spray

For control of insect infestations in dairies, livestock and poultry operations. Ideal for large volume spraying or misting applications.
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