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Building Materials

Whether you need to change a broken door handle or tackle that growing list of minor repairs around the farm, Hog Slat has you covered. We offer a wide selection of nuts, bolts, screws and nails for fastening work and the electrical, insulation and repair materials to help you do the job right.

Hog Slat is proud to offer Vanberg Specialized Coatings line of metal repair and concrete repair products that save you time and money while prolonging the life of your buildings and equipment. Maintaining your facilities and addressing a minor issue before it becomes a major problem will benefit your bottom line and keep your operation running smoothly.

For larger projects, our retail locations in Aulander, NC and Newton Grove, NC offer a full selection of lumber and metal solutions at outstanding prices. 

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4" Snap Hooks - Double Ended - Nickle Plated

SKU: 597062
Overall length 4" double ended snap hooks, nickle plated. 1/2" mouth opening. Priced/sold each.

#1 Stainless Steel Bowtye Chain

SKU: 606733
Used for hanging feed lines from the barn ceiling. Purchase 2 feet of chain for every 4 feet of auger system length that needs to be suspended.

1/4" Spring Snap Hook, Zinc

SKU: 10384
Hook Spring Snap Zinc 1/4''

1/4" x 1/2" Bolt zinc

SKU: 60500
1/4" x 1/2" zinc bolt

1/4" x 1-3/4" U Bolt Stainless Steel

SKU: 606484
Stainless steel U-bolt for attaching water pipes, brackets, tube feeder or other accessories.

1/4" x 2" Stainless Steel Lag Bolt

SKU: 607161
Screw Lag Ss 1/4'' X 2''

3/8" x 4" Eye Bolt Zinc

SKU: 52087
Zinc eye bolt. 3/8" x 4". Priced each.

3/8"x 2-3/4" Stainless Steel J Bolt

SKU: 607112
3/8"x 2-3/4" Stainless Steel J Bolt

5/16" Lock Washer - Stainless Steel

SKU: 60589
Used to attached divider rods on Hog Slat feeders.

AMC100L Aluminum Urethane Coating

Multiple SKUs available....
AMC100L Aluminum Urethane Coating Metal Repair
From $37.16

Cam & Jamb Latch 7"

SKU: P188000
Dual purpose latch used to secure sliding doors. Durable galvanized finish with over-center cam-style locking action.


SKU: 72400
Repair loose anchor bolts without removing them and fill concrete cracks with this easy to use tube.

EPO-SET 400 Mixing Tube

SKU: 72400-T
Extra mixing tube tip for EPO-SET 400.

GE Contractors SCS1000® Silicone 10.1 oz. Tubes

Multiple SKUs available....
GE Contractors SCS1000® Silicone 10.1 oz. Tubes
From $5.88

Tri-Ply Tape

Multiple SKUs available....
Tri-Ply tape is made from the same poly construction as the ceiling material.
From $25.67

Welded Hog Panel Galvanized Metal 34" x 16'

SKU: 80641
Welded galvanized metal hog panel measures 34" high by 16' long.

1/2" Locknut SS

SKU: 60693
1/2" Locknut Stainless Steel

1/2" Locknut zinc

SKU: 60683
1/2" Locknut zinc

1/2" nut zinc

SKU: 60574
1/2" nut zinc

1/2" nut SS

SKU: 606061
1/2" Nut Stainless Steel

1/2" SAE Washer - SS

SKU: 60583
Replacement stainless steel SAE washer for 90° corner (G07097523C) chain feeder.

1/2" x 1" Bolt SS

SKU: 60534S
1/2" x 1" Bolt Stainless Steel

1/2" x 1" Bolt zinc

SKU: 60534
1/2" x 1" Bolt zinc

1/2" x 1-1/2" Bolt SS

SKU: 60536S
1/2" x 1-1/2" Bolt Stainless Steel