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Try-Ply is a washable, durable, flexible woven poly material. Featuring a black and white side, each poly coated, this material serves as an attractive and suitable ceiling and even sidewall covering for your poultry houses and other applications. Use the Tri-Ply green strapping with staples to secure in place along ceiling rafters and sidewall studs. Tri-Ply tape is used to patch the material in the event of a puncture as well as seal around bracing, vents, and other areas where Tri-Ply is manipulated during installation and repair. 

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Tri-Ply Tape

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Tri-Ply tape is made from the same poly construction as the ceiling material.
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Green Tri-Ply Strapping Roll

SKU: 12181661200
Green Tri-Ply strapping material used to secure Tri-Ply ceiling and sidewalls to rafters and studs.

Tri-Ply Ceiling & Sidewall Material

SKU: 844190
Try-Ply is a washable, durable, flexible woven poly material.