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Farmstead Gating

We make it easy to "weld up" a custom set of gates and posts by supplying hard-to-find components like bolt-on-legs, wall brackets and pre-punched gate clips.  Check out the "CUT AND WELD"  gate panels......just cut the rods to length....weld the sliding upright to the end and you have a custom built gate for any opening.  Click Here to See the complete listing of DIY hog penning.   Hog Slat gating
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15" Bolt-On Leg Kit - Galvanized

Bolt-on leg fastens horizontal penning to flooring. Hot dipped galvanized finish.

28-1/2" Universal Feeder/Wall Bracket

Mount to hog feeders to secure them in-line with gating or on end walls to attach gating panels.
From $12.00

Feeder Wall Brackets

Brackets mount to stainless steel hog feeders to position in-line with block wall pen dividers.
From $10.00

Single Hole Gate Clip

Use single hole clips on gate ends.

Cut and Weld Gate Panel

31-1/2" tall DIY panels allow producers to custom build gates for every need.
From $92.00