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FARMSTEAD Equipment is manufactured and sourced to provide high-quality, durable equipment for our customers raising smaller quantities of pigs, chickens, turkeys and other livestock. Our selection of chicken feeders, pig feeders, chicken nest boxes, water nipples, drinking supplies and other equipment has been tested and proven to provide the best value on the market for pastured and outdoor raised animals. 

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CintoFlex 6.5' Mesh Poultry Netting

CintoFlex 6.5' Mesh Poultry Netting
From $422.70

KANE Automatic Water Bowl - Polyethylene

Heavy duty polyethylene automatic pet water bowl with stainless steel valve cover.

Philips® Dimpled Glass Heat Bulb

The Philips® dimpled glass heat lamps are industrial grade and provide more heat using less electricity.
From $8.56

RIO™ Finishing Water Nipple

Hog Slat's exclusive spray free water nipple for pigs.
From $5.13

36" Reel Top Metal Chicken Feeder Trough

Galvanized metal range chicken feeder trough with spinning top reel for feeding chickens of all sizes.

Jake's Wire Tighteners™

Jake's Wire Tighteners™ are the quick, simple and effective way to tighten loose, sagging or broken barbed wire fencing!
From $19.02

3' Poultry Wire

PVC Coated 3"H x 150'L roll of poultry wire. 3/4" Hex 20 Gauge

Aqua Series 1/2" Finish Water Nipple

The Aqua Series Finishing water nipples feature a viton rubber O-ring and 304 stainless steel spring for extended durability.
From $2.20

Comfort Heating Plate for Chicks

The Comfort heating plate mimics a mother hen by allowing chicks to gather under the plate to keep warm. Less costly to operate than a standard heat bulb. Cover not included.
From $52.83

Multifan® Single Stage Thermostat

Multifan® single stage electromechanical thermostat in weatherproof enclosure.

No Natz Fly & Gnat Repellant Spray

No Natz is a botanical spray that repels gnats, biting flies and other nuisance insects.
From $7.02

1 gallon Chick Water Fountain

7" Twist-lock base is easy to attach and remove.

20" Metal Trough Reel Top Range Feeder

20" long galvanized metal chicken feeder trough features a "spinning reel" bar across the top of the trough to prevent birds from roosting on the feeder or getting into the feed.

Aqua Series 1/2" X 3/8" Nursery Nipple

The Aqua Series Nursery pig water nipples feature a viton rubber O-ring and 304 stainless steel spring for extended durability.
From $2.13

10 Hole Nest Roll-out Style

10 hole egg laying nest features individual roll-out baskets that make collecting eggs quicker, easier and cleaner.

4' Poultry Wire

4'H x 150'L PVC coated poultry wire roll. 1" hex, 20 gauge wire.

Boar Feeder- Stainless Steel

Single hole stainless steel feeder for limited number of animals...tough enough for a large boar.

Cover for Comfort Heating Plate

Transparent durable plastic cover to protect the top of your Comfort Heating Plate. Keeps birds off the plate and makes cleaning easier!
From $11.17

Egg Scoop Blue Metal Handle

39" egg scoop with blue metal handle and red plastic basket. Used to pick up floor eggs easier.

KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats w/ Thermostat

KANE Poly Pet Heat Mats/Pads w/ Thermostat
From $241.66

DYNOFAN™ 30" Oscillating Pedestal Fan - OSHA Grill

Floor-mounted oscillating pedestal fan features durable steel construction, 3 speed options, an OSHA approved grille and 9' long power cord. 120 VAC, 60 Hz.

DYNOFAN™ 36" Barrel Fan - OSHA Grill

Portable 36" barrel fan features durable steel construction, 2 speed options, an OSHA approved grille and 9' long power cord. 120 VAC, 60 Hz.

Single Feeder Adjustment Bracket

Bracket allows for adjustment from floor to 16" high.

Turbo Grow Chick Feeder

Turbo Grow pre-starter chick feeder.