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Forced Air Furnace Heaters

Forced air furnace heaters are a great solution for your poultry and hog house heating needs. Hog Slat stocks forced air units and repair parts to maintain your L.B. White®, Hired Hand® and PuraFire™ box heater units.

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Grower SELECT® Air Proving Switch

GrowerSELECT® air proving switch for PuraFire 80M & 225M heaters.

Grower SELECT® High Limit Switch 75K BTU

GrowerSELECT® high limit switch, 350°F temperature limit with manual reset.

Grower SELECT® Flame Sensor Rod

GrowerSELECT® flame sensor rod for AP® PuraFire heaters.

PuraFire Main Gas Valve - LP

PuraFire LP Main Gas Valve. Fits 80M & 225M heaters.

Hog Slat® PuraFire Heater LP Regulator

1-1/4" LP regulator for PuraFire forced air heaters.

LB White® 22" Snap-In Thermocouple

22" thermocouple "snap in" for LB White® pilot model heaters.

PuraFire 24V Igniter

PuraFire replacement 24V igniter for models 80M & 225M heaters.

L.B. White® Thermostat

L.B. White® thermostat with 25' cord. NEMA 4x enclosure.

LB White® 250M HSI Complete Accessory Kit

Complete accessory kit for LB White® 250M HSI LP heater.

LB White® Classic® 60 Pilot Light Heater - LP

LB White® Classic® Sine Production 60 Pilot Light Heater - LP
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Hired Hand® Super Saver XL Gas Valves

Honeywell LP and NG gas valves for Hired Hand®/Cumberland® Super Saver XL forced air furnace box heaters.
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LB White® 1/12 HP Motor for 60M Heaters

LB White® 1/12 HP motor for Classic® 60 and Guardian® 60 forced air furnace heaters.

LB White® 3" Flame Sensor for 60M/100M HSI

3" LB White® flame sensor with 45° bend for Guardian® 60 & 100 hot surface ignition (HSI) forced air furnace heaters.

LB White® Basotrol Pilot Gas Valve - LP & NG

LB White® Basotrol pilot gas control valve for propane (LP) gas and Natural Gas (NG) pilot light forced air furnace heaters.

LB White® Classic® 60 Pilot Light Heater - NG

LB White® Classic® 60 Pilot Light Heater - Natural Gas - Swine Production
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LB White® SS Thermostat w/ Bracket

Stainless steel thermostat with bracket for all side draw LB White® forced air heater models.