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Increase animal comfort and growth rate in your pigs, chickens and poultry by keeping them warm and reducing stress. Hog Slat offers our GRO40 brooder heater as well as brooders and maintenance parts for Gasolec® and LB White® models to help meet your heating needs.

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LB White® Thermocouple for I-17 Brooder

Replacement thermocouple with auto reset for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater.

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits for LP or NG heaters
From $21.45

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $4.00

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $0.70

Filter Kit for LB White® I-17 Brooder

Replacement filter kit for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater. Includes filter and filter sleeve.

Dust Filter Gasolec® G12 Brooder

Dust filter to fit Gasolec® G12 brooder heater.

Grower SELECT® Universal Thermocouple

Grower SELECT® Universal Thermocouple for brood style heaters
From $8.50

LB White® I-17 Thermocouple Fuse Clip

Replacement thermocouple fuse holder clip for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater.

LB White® Thermocouple Cover Plate & Nuts

Thermocouple cover plate with nuts for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® brooder heater.

Gasolec® M8 HD Infrared Heater 17,200 BTU

Gasolec® LP Model w/ Heavy Duty Polyester Filter. Does not include hoses or couplers.

Gro17000 LP Brooder Heater Unit - Pilot

The Gro17000 stainless steel pilot light brooder features a two orifice system with unique pressure adjustment capability to modulate from high/low burn.
From $148.73

Hog Slat® GRO40HP High Pressure Brooder

Hog Slat® GRO40HP brooder is a 40,000 btu high pressure gas radiant brooder heater for poultry heating applications.
From $240.00

LB White® Infraconic® Secondary Regulator

LB White® secondary regulator for all propane gas (LP) and Natural Gas (NG) Infraconic® brooder heater models.

Thermocouple Gasolec® G12 Brooder

Thermocouple for Gasolec® G12 brooder heater.

LB White® Thermostat Sensor 25' Zone Control

LB White® 25' brooder zone control thermostat sensor.

Thermocouple Holder Gasolec® G12 Brooder

Thermocouple holder for Gasolec® G12 brooder heater.