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Repair and replacement parts for Shenandoah brooder heaters.

GrowerSELECT® and Hog Slat® are trademarks owned by Hog Slat, Inc. Replacement parts listed with these marks are designed to fit and function in place of original equipment manufacturers replacement parts.  

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Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits

Shenandoah® Brooder Service Kits for LP or NG heaters
From $50.18

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Pilot Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $4.35

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders

Burner Orifices Shenandoah® Brooders
From $1.00

Grower SELECT® Universal Thermocouple

Grower SELECT® Universal Thermocouple for brood style heaters
From $15.67

Shenandoah® Pilot Shield Horizontal Newer Style

Pilot shield for Shenandoah® brooder heater. Stainless steel, horizontal newer style.

Shenandoah® Pilot Shield Vertical Old Style

Vertical pilot shield for Shenandoah® brooder heater. Stainless steel old style.

SHEN GLOW® 42K Brooder Ignition Control Board

Ignition control board for Shenandoah SHEN GLOW® 42k brooder heater.

Universal Brooder Transformer

Universal transformer by Square D for brooder systems.

Shenandoah® Brooder Ceramic Radiant

Ceramic radiant for Shenandoah® brooder heaters.

Shenandoah® Brooder Hanger Brackets

Shenandoah® Brooder front and back legs Hanger Brackets
From $2.04

Shenandoah® Brooder Canopies

Shenandoah® Brooder Canopies Poultry Heating
From $55.34