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ASI Anti Foam

ASI Anti Foam

SKU: AS1005
ASI Anti Foam prevents and breaks down foam in manure handling systems. Use with Pit Hammer for complete treatment of manure pits.
Picture of ASI BioBlock

ASI BioBlock

SKU: AS1006
BioBlocks are a time released formulation for pit and lagoon treatment of stabilized bacteria in a spore form for an extended shelf life. Each BioBlock treats 100,000 gallons of waste.
Picture of ASI Maintenance Plus - 1 lb Packs

ASI Maintenance Plus - 1 lb Packs

SKU: AS1004
A concentrated, dry blend of stabilized bacterial spores and micro-nutrients in individual water soluble packets for swine lagoon treatment.
ASI Pit Hammer

ASI Pit Hammer

SKU: AS1001
A unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria and essential oils combined for the degradation of organic solids, odor control and effective insect management.