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BarnTalk Wireless Temp Sensor - Outdoor

Add-on/replacement outdoor temperature sensor for the BarnTalk system.

BarnTalk Wireless Temp Sensor - Indoor

Add-on/replacement indoor temperature sensor for the BarnTalk system.

BarnTalk Wireless Humidity Sensor - Indoor

Add-on/replacement relative humidity sensor for the BarnTalk system.

BarnTalk 4G Gateway

The BarnTalk Gateway is the brains of the alarm system and will automatically find and connect to the strongest cellular signal in the area, regardless of carrier, once it is plugged in to an outlet.
From $1,249.00

BarnTalk Gateway LTE/LoRA Antenna

Add-on or replacement LTE/LoRA antenna for your BarnTalk Gateway.

BarnTalk Wireless Water Meters

Easily monitor water flow remotely by installing these wireless water flow meters.
From $199.00

BarnTalk Adjustable Sensor Hanger

Replacement adjustable sensor hanger with carabiner for use with BarnTalk remote sensors.

BarnTalk Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

This sensor can remotely monitor relays and power outlets.

Replacement Battery - BarnTalk Wireless Sensor

Replacement batteries for BarnTalk wireless sensor units.

Replacement Battery - BarnTalk Gateway

Replacement battery for BarnTalk gateway units.

BarnTalk Antenna Mounting Bracket

Pre-drilled right angle bracket for mounting the BarnTalk wireless antennas.