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Clearance Item Purchase Terms & Conditions

  2. All items in the clearance program are limited in quantity and cannot be backordered. Some items may be available for pick-up at your local store. To ensure availability of any items before ordering please contact your local Hog Slat, Georgia Poultry Equipment, Eastern Shore Poultry Services or Shenandoah Ag Supply store; call (800) 949-4647 or email us at
  3. Clearance items are "new old stock" meaning they have not been previously installed or used for their intended purpose. This means most items are not in "brand new" condition and can be subject to one or more of the following conditions that Hog Slat is not responsible for:
    1. Sun-faded, dirty/dusty/rusted, cracked, missing pieces/parts/hardware, bent, dented, scratched or otherwise in a condition that isn't considered "brand new" from the manufacturer.
    2. Torn packaging, missing instructions, labels or other identifying features associated with an item being sold as "brand new."
    3. Electronic devices are not tested before shipment and are assumed to be in working condition unless otherwise noted, however that is not a guarantee due to the complicated and sometimes fragile nature of these items.
  4. Customer understands all items are sold in "as is condition" and assumes all risks/liabilities of purchasing/installing/using discounted products listed for sale as clearance items from our company.
  5. Total quantities shown online as "available" are updated at least weekly but may not be completely accurate at the time you are viewing an item due to other open orders in our system that haven't been invoiced yet or product that is deemed unfit to sell before it is sold/shipped.
  6. Your order for any clearance items will not be guaranteed until item availability has been confirmed and the order has been shipped.
  7. Total quantities shown online as "available" are an aggregate count of what we have available for purchase at the listed price across all locations in our company. Multiple shipments may be required to fulfill an order depending on the quantities and locations those products are available in.
    1. Customers will be provided an estimate of their total shipping amount for approval before any orders containing clearance items will be processed and shipped. 
    2. You must respond to the email we send you with your total freight cost either approving or rejecting the amount before we will process any part of your order.
    3. We strongly recommend adding the "" domain to your email account's approved senders list to avoid any delays or emails we send you being diverted to your spam/junk folders.
  8. Clearance items are represented as thoroughly as possible based on the information available at the time they are listed for sale.
    1. Hog Slat reserves the right to amend or remove any clearance item listing at our discretion at any time.
    2. Photographs of clearance items (when available) are of the actual product for sale and represent their general condition. OEM photos may be used when actual product photographs are not available.
    3. If you have any specific questions about an item, its condition, specifications or other information please contact us before making your purchase.
  9. Approving your order's freight cost and instructing us to process/fulfill your order containing clearance items constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of all order terms listed above.