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Hog Slat Maintenance Mobile App

The new Hog Slat mobile app for smartphones makes hog barn maintenance easier than ever by providing you with a step-by-step checklist in the palm of your hand. Log in with your account and access a maintenance calendar with checklist that allows you to add multiple farm sites and barn numbers. This app is designed to help you remember to complete vital tasks around your barns that keep your swine production units operational and profitable.

In addition to helpful reminders and the maintenance checklist, downloading this app will give you access to special product sales and promotions that are only availble through app notifications.

Download today by clicking on the link to the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play store (for Android devices)!

Click Here to Download from App Store Apple App Store Black Button
Click Here to Download from Google Play Google Play Black Button








Quick and easy to use sign up fields will have your app up and running in less than 1 minute!

Hog Slat Maintenance Mobile App Sign-Up Screenshot





Easy to read checklists can be quickly navigated and allow maintenance tasks to be quickly marked off as they are completed in each building.

Hog Slat Maintenance Mobile App Checklist Screenshot





The Hog Slat Maintenace Mobile App allows every user to manage their checklists by location and building. If you have multiple sites with several barns at each location, you can customize your building lists to meet your needs.

Hog Slat Maintenance Mobile App Manage Buildings Screenshot





Everyone who has downloaded the app will be able to access special product sales, offers and promotions that can be redeemed both online and in-store. 

Hog Slat Maintenance Mobile App Promotions Screenshot