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Hog Slat®

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Curtain Counter Weight 25 Lbs - Concrete

Concrete block curtain system counter weight. Used to ensure smooth operation of curtain systems as they rise and fall.

Double Door Hog Feeder

The FARMSTEAD double door hog feeder is designed to feed up to 8 pigs to market weight. Galvanized metal construction built to last in outdoor environments.

Drip System Control

Drip system control panel with thermostat and 30 minute duty cycle.
$298.42 $274.00

Drip System Control With 24 HR Timer

Drip system control panel with 24 hour timer.
$371.79 $335.00

Drum & Strap Kit for Cable Free Winch

Replacement drum and strap kit for HSW03 5,000 pound capacity cable free winch system.

Farrowing Feeder, Large Sow Bowl

Sow feeder for farrowing crate, large bowl, 304 stainless steel (Platinum)

Farrowing Feeder, Small Sow Bowl

Sow feeder for farrowing crate, small bowl, 304 stainless steel (Platinum)

Feed Drop Wye 3" x 3" x 3" Black

Black plastic feed drop wye. Fits M55 and M75 feed pipe.

Flush Mount Kit 57" AirStorm X-Brace Fan

Optional stainless steel kit allows 57" X-Brace fan to be mounted in a through-wall configuration.

Gate Rod Clips Hairpin Style

Hairpin style clips for gate rods and penning rods. Large and small size available.
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