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Hog Slat®

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Stainless Steel Door Latch

The only completely stainless steel latch with SS hardware.

Stainless Steel Scraper Blade

Heavy weight manure pit scraper blades are constructed of stainless steel.
From $0.00

T-Bolt Package - Stainless Steel

Includes nut and washer.
From $3.30

TriDek Flooring Patch

TriDek patch replaces damaged sections of wire flooring at the rear of the stall
From $88.00

Trough Water Pipe

Trough Water Galvanized Pipe for Hog Drinker System
From $16.00

Two Hole Aisle Clips

Use double hole clips at aisle end of divider panels.

Two Hole Angle Divider Clips

Use Angle Divider Clips at aisle end of divider panels with flipper type latch systems.

Wrench for Cast T-Bolts

Tool designed for installing cast iron T-bolts under slats.

Wrench for Standard T-Bolts

Tool designed for installing standard T-bolts under slats.

Hog Slat® Pig Snare 20" Cable

The Hog Slat® pig snare features a j-hook shaped handle, t-bar and 20" cable.