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Hog Slat®

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Hog Slat® Farrowing Drop Feeder Kit - Assembled

Hog Slat's farrowing drop feeder tube kit helps speed up feeding sows based on body condition by eliminating the need to use feed carts and scoops.

Hog Slat® 4" Rigid Auger Unloader

Unloader weldment with stub shaft and bearing for 4" rigid auger assemblies.

Hog Slat® 6" Rigid Auger Unloader

Unloader weldment with stub shafts and bearing for 6" rigid auger assemblies.

Hog Slat® Feeder Clean-Out Rod

34" aluminum clean-out rod makes easy work of removing left over feed from hoppers and clearing trough openings.

AquaChief™ Water Cup Mounting Kit

Complete mounting kit for installing AquaChief water cup on horizontal or vertical rod gating with angle top bar.

Hog Slat® Fan Shutter Clip

Pivoting single hole plastic shutter clip.

Aqua Series Trigger Nipple Screen & Flow Orifice

Replacement water screen and flow selection orifice for Aqua Series trigger nipples used in AquaChief water cups.

Hog Slat® Black Utility Cart

This narrow profile cart maneuvers through alleys and around tight corners. Great for various chores, including hauling feed, moving pigs or packing tools for a repair job.

Chicken Feed Line Clamp

Clamp for 1.75" chicken feed lines auger tube.

Galvanized Metal Shelf Bracket

12" wide galvanized metal shelf bracket.
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