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B1200 Raydot Polystyrene Replacement

Polystyrene replacement insert for B1200 Raydot.

VAL Products Humidity Sensor Model 930

VAL Products Model 930 humidity sensors for Horizon controllers.

VAL Water Filter & Accessories

VAL Water Filter & Accessories for Poultry Drinking Systems
From $4.91

Val-Co Bi-Flow Ceiling Inlet

Val-Co Bi-Flow automatic air replacement fresh air ceiling inlet.

Valco Water Filter Cartridge

Polystring water filter cartridge for Valco water filter unit. 30 micron.

Valco® Broiler Nipple

Top Quality Drinker is an industry standard. Standard flow. Green ring.

Valco® Breeder Nipple

Designed with less side action to prevent waste.

Valco® Diaphragm

Replacement diaphragm for Val-Co® regulators.

Valco® EZ Flush Intake Kit

Easily flush water lines with the EZ Flush intake kit. Works will all standard Valco diaphragm regulators.

Valco® Flush End Assemblies

Available with Flexible, Rigid or Folding Standpipes.
From $14.84