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Feeding Systems

Hog Slat stocks and manufactures solutions for your poultry and swine feeding needs.
Our GrowerSELECT® brand offers exceptional value and performance for your operation's equipment needs. We carry full selection of flexible auger, chain-disk, chain-feeding systems and parts to keep your pig, chicken and turkey feed systems operational. When it comes to your farm's feed systems, trust Hog Slat to provide the best products and service in the industry.
Micro SwitchesRelays and Contactors for hopper level and feed line controls are available under the Electrical Supplies section.

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Nursery Feeders - Stainless Steel

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat nursery feeders are designed to help weaned pigs get started on feed while preventing waste.
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Pullet Grille End Cap

Pullet Grille End Cap For Chain feeder grill.

Pur-Chick Clear Feeder Trays

Multiple SKUs available....
Pur-Chick Clear Feeder Tray for chick drops and beginning feeding in new poultry flocks.
From $0.27

SowMAX Ad-Lib Sow Feeder

SKU: 7150890500
Ad-Lib sow feed dispenser for lactating and post-wean sows.

Turbo Grow Chick Feeder

SKU: 355900E
Turbo Grow pre-starter chick feeder.

Turbogrow 2 Chick Feeder

SKU: 355903IN
Third generation chick feeder helps transition birds to eating out of pan feeders.

1/2" SAE Washer - SS

SKU: 60583
Replacement stainless steel SAE washer for 90° corner (G07097523C) chain feeder.

90 Corner Chain Feeder

SKU: G07097574C
Complete corner assy for Cumberland chain feeder system, no hanger included.

90 Corner Weldment

SKU: G07097574B
Replacement weldment for 90° corner Cumberland chain feeder corner. Includes chain hold down rails and guides.

Big Dutchman® Power Shoe

SKU: BD10-00-0337
Replacement power shoe for Big Dutchman® chain feeder system.

Big Dutchman® Shear Pins

SKU: BD10-00-0034
Shear pin 3/16" x 1.25 for Big Dutchman® chain feed system. Sold in package of 10.

Classic Flood Option #1

SKU: HS8000
14 Spoke Standard Fin Complete Pan Chicken Feeder
From $12.34

Corner Wheel Bolt w/ Grease Zerk

SKU: HS07099370
Optional grease zerk for corner wheel bolt replaces wing screw (GS-7198) on Cumberland chain feeder corner.

Corner Wheel with Bushing

SKU: G07101494
Replacement corner wheel for 90° corner (G07097574C) Cumberland chain feeder.

Cumberland® 3-1/4" Pullet Grill

SKU: G07097440
Replacement grill for chain feeder, 1-5/8" spacing, 6' long

Cumberland® 4-3/4" High Profile Medium Wide Grill

SKU: GC4000103
Replacement grill for chain feeder, 1-5/8" spacing,2" tall, 6' long

Cumberland® 4-3/4" Low Profile Medium Wide Grill

SKU: G07098846
Replacement grill for chain feeder, 1-11/16" spacing,2" tall, 6' long

Cumberland® Booster Tube, Chick Booster

SKU: GC2000117
Cumberland® Booster Tube, Chick Booster Chick Feeder

Cumberland® Chain Breaker

SKU: G00404202
Chain breaker for repairing chain feeder chain.

Cumberland® Chain Feeder Coupler

SKU: G07097255
Replacment coupler for medium wide high profile chain feeder trough. 8" long

Cumberland® Chain Feeder Gear Reducer 52:1

SKU: G07097737
Cumberland® chain feeder gear reducer, 52:1 ratio 60FPM 10-00-0284 RH.

Cumberland® Chain Feeder Trough

Multiple SKUs available....
Cumberland® Chain Poultry Feeder Trough
From $33.14

Cumberland® Chick Booster without Cone

SKU: GC2000124
Cumberland® Chick Booster without Cone Chick Feeder

Cumberland® Power Shoe

SKU: G07097731
Replacement power shoe for Cumberland® chain feeder