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Waste Management

Proper waste management begins with the right tools. Hog Slat stocks manure treatment systems from ASI (Agriment Systems Inc) and BioverseAG and others to help you keep your pits and lagoons functioning correctly. Hog Slat also carries PLT (Poultry Litter Treatment) and other litter amendment applications that cannot be shipped in our retail store locations.

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HD 500 Incinerator Fuse - 5 Pack

SKU: NI8408-76
5 pack of fuses for the National Incinerator HD 500 model.

HD 500 Incinerator Gas Regulator

SKU: NI8400-00
Regulator for National Incinerator HD 500. For use with propane or natural gas.

HD 500 Incinerator Motor

SKU: NI6464-00
Replacement motor for National Incinerator HD 500.

HD 500 Input Adjustment Screw

SKU: NI6404-90
Input adjustment screw for HD 500 LP & NG incinerators.

HD 500 Main Gas Port

SKU: NI6417-00
Main gas port for National Incinerator HD 500. For use with both natural gas and propane models.

HD 500 Shutter Replacement Kit

SKU: NI6401-90
Replacement shutter kit for National Incinerator HD 500, LP and NG models.

HD 500 Transformer

SKU: NI6447-50
Transformer for National Incinerator HD500 LP & NG models.

HD 500 Wiring Terminal Strip

SKU: NI8408-42
Wiring terminal strip for National Incinerator HD 500.

Heat Sensor

Multiple SKUs available....
Heat sensor for Burn-Easy incinerator.
From $146.50

Honeywell Electronic Control Board

SKU: NI8429-03
Honeywell® electronic control board for National Incinerator LP and NG models.

Igniter Burn-Easy

SKU: RK1226
Incinerator igniter.

Igniter Transformer

SKU: RK1205
Igniter transformer coil for Burn Easy incinerator.

Ignitor Electrode National Incinerator LP

SKU: NI6457-00
Ignitor electrode for National Incincerator LP model.

Incinerator Control Box

SKU: RK1642
Complete digital control box for Burn-Easy incinerators.

Incinerator Grates

SKU: RK3806
Grates for 1200LB Burn-Easy incinerator.

Incinerator Probe

SKU: NIK11C8501234
Probe for National Incinerator LP or Natural Gas incinerator.

Incinerator Wire Boot Kit

SKU: NI6458-50
Wire boot kit for National Incincerator models.

Inlet Ring & Screen Replacement

SKU: NI6416-90
Replacement inlet ring and screen for National Incinerator HD500 propane (LP) and Natural Gas (NG) models.

Input Inlet Adjustor Cap HD500 Incinerator

SKU: NI6622-40
Input inlet adjustor cap for HD 500 incinerator.

Input Stop Nipple

SKU: NI6447-00
Input stop nipple for National Incinerator HD500 LP/NG models.

Lagoon AgraSphere

SKU: 30500
Just lob in the lagoon and forget it. Package of 4 spheres.

MicroPuran® For Poultry

A blend of bacteria and enzymes to reduce ammonia, solids and odors in poultry waste.

Thermal Switch Terminal HD 500

SKU: NI8425-18
Thermal switch terminal for National Incinerator HD500. For propane or natural gas models.

Ultra Litter Treatment™

Ultra Litter Treatment™ is a blend of food grade acids and sodium salts blended with food grade buffering agents and FDA approved Yucca schidigera extract.