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Contact-O-Max Replacement Battery

Replacement battery for Contact-O-Max Jr. & Sr. boar carts.

Battery for Hercules Arm JR

Replacement battery for Hercules' Arm JR.

Motor for Hercules Arm JR

Replacement drive motor with brake for Hercules' Arm SR. 24 volt.

Caster Wheel Frame

Replacement caster frame for Hercules Arm Pig Hearse

Telescoping Rod & Pipe Assembly

Replacement arm assembly for Hercules Arm Pig Hearse

Acme Ratchet Arm

Replacement arm for Hercules Arm Pig Hearse

Inside Plunger Pin for Hercules Arm

Inside plunger pin for Hercules' arm pig hearse.

Contact-O-Max™ Boar Carts

The most efficient sow stimulation, heat detection and insemination system on the market!
From $6,830.57

Contact-O-Max Battery Charger

Replacement Battery charger interior mount For All Contact-O-Max boar carts

Contact-O-Max Remote Control Battery

Battery for remote Control all 4 Button Remote Cr2016

Contact-O-Max Jr. Stainless Steel Battery Box

Stainless steel battery box for Contact-O-Max Jr. boar cart.

Contact-O-Max Stainless Steel Battery Box Lid

Stainless steel battery box lid for Contact-O-Max boar carts.

Contact-O-Max Forward Switch

Green Manual Forward Switch for all Contact-O-Max

Contact-O-Max Motor JR & SR (New Style)

Replacement Motor for Contact-O-Max Jr. & Sr. boar carts (new style).

Contact-O-Max Sr Motor (old style)

Replacement Motor for Contact-O-Max Sr (old generation).

Contact-O-Max Jr Motor Mount

Replacement motor mount for Contact-O-Max Jr boar cart.

Contact-O-Max Jr. Motor Cover Plate

Galvanized metal motor protection cover plate for Contact-O-Max Jr. boar carts.

Spring for Main Articulation Joint

Spring for main articulation joint on boar carts.

Pin Lock Spring

Replacement pin lock spring for Contact-O-Max and Hercules' Arm.

Contact-O-Max 1" Bearing

Replacement 1" bearing with steel support for Contact-O-Max Jr.

Contact-O-Max SR 3/4" Bearing

3/4" bearing with steel support for Contact-O-Max SR boar cart.

Contact-O-Max Brake Handle

Replacement brake handle for all Contact-O-Max boar cart models.

Contact-O-Max Remote Control White Label 2 Button Freq #1

Replacement Remote control 2 Button Freq #1 White Label for Contact-O-Max

Contact-O-Max Remote Control Purple Label 2 Button Freq #2

Repalcement Remote control 2 Button Freq #2 Purple Label for Contact-O-Max