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FARMSTEAD Large Colony Style Rollout Chicken Nest

SKU: FS500
Accommodates up to 45 laying hens. Angled floor of the chicken nest box lets eggs roll down into a covered collection trough to protect them from being damaged or dirtied.

Feedfas Bin Flow Agitator

SKU: FF1000
Reduces bin bridging by redirecting livestock feed flow away from the cone center.

Filter Kit for LB White® I-17 Brooder

SKU: LB20427
Replacement filter kit for LB White® I-17 Infraconic® modulating brooder heater. Includes filter and filter sleeve.

Grower SELECT® 1/6 HP 230V Fan Motor

SKU: HS9031
Single speed replacement motor for Aerotech®/Munters® 9" fans.

Grower SELECT® Control Pan - Intermediate

SKU: HS8250
Rugged, trouble-free design utilizes a simple paddle switch to control feed lines. Retrofits easily to most existing poultry feeding systems.

Grower SELECT® Cool Cell Trough Bracket

GrowerSELECT® cool cell trough support bracket for the Hog Slat EVAP cool cell system.

Grower SELECT® Curtain Machine 36" - 230V

SKU: HS583E-3630-230
Powerful screw machine accurately controls curtains, inlets and tunnel doors.

Grower SELECT® Feed Level Control

SKU: HS529
Controls feed system fill motors to manage available feed levels in poultry hoppers and swine feeders.

Hog Slat® Dead Sled

SKU: HSDS-1000
Low profile carcass cart reduces back strain when removing animals from trucks or pens. No winches or cables to maintain!

Hog Slat® Double Welded Water Cups w/ Pipe

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat® stainless steel welded double hog water cups with 50" SS square water pipe and pipe mounting bracket kit. Finishing and Nursery pig sizes available.
From $112.00

Hog Slat® Loading Chutes - Inside Walkway

Multiple SKUs available....
Stationary loading chutes with interior walkway, installed outside swine barns to load and unload pigs from transfer trailers.
From $2,643.00

Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp Metal Hanger

SKU: HS664-4
Replacement metal hanger for the Hog Slat® Poly Heat Lamp (Item # HS664).

Hog Slat® PuraFire Heater LP Regulator

SKU: 609592
1-1/4" LP regulator for PuraFire forced air heaters.

Hog Slat® Single Welded Water Cups w/ Pipe

Multiple SKUs available....
Hog Slat® stainless steel welded single hog water cups with 50" SS square water pipe and pipe mounting bracket kit. Finishing and Nursery pig sizes available.
From $89.00

Hurricane Ultra II Fogger (110V | Model 2794)

SKU: CD62150-1
Electric Portable Aerosol Applicator (ULV / Mister) – Dispenses BOTH Oil and Water-based Products.

Intermatic® Tripper Pins

SKU: IN156T1950A
12 pack of replacement tripper pins for Intermatic® T1900, T2000, C8800, R8800 and T8800 Series timer switches.

Liquid Tight Cord Connectors - Nylon

Multiple SKUs available....
Liquid Tight Cord Connectors - Nylon
From $1.15

Odor Pro™ Odor Eliminator - 1/2 Gallon

SKU: 109071A
Removes odors such as animal waste, manure and other common odors found in agricultural, livestock and animal settings including kennels, offices, vehicles and even clothing.

Plasson® Broiler Drinker Complete

SKU: DIP2140000
Plasson drinkers are made of a durable high-impact plastic specially formulated to withstand the environment of an active broiler house for many years.

PLS-2400 MR4 Manual Digital Light Dimmer

2400 watt manual digital light dimmer compatible with all dimmable LED bulbs.

Premium Chick Feed Tray - Red Plastic

SKU: HS797
Premium quality chick starter feed tray molded from red plastic.

Servus® Northerner Series Ladies Boot - Navy

Multiple SKUs available....
Ideal for farm and chore use, the Northerner series boot is 100% waterproof and features proprietary compounds for durability and extended wear.
From $37.50

Waxed Thread for Egg Belt - 27 Yards

SKU: 66501
27 yard spool of waxed thread for sewing, splicing and repairing egg belt material.

Windstorm™ Stir Fans

SKU: Tes
Windstorm™ variable speed stir fans available in 3 different sizes; 20", 24" and 36". Great for mixing air in poultry and swine barns.
From $225.00