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Hardware and Conduit

Hardware and Conduit

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Curtain Hanger Clamp 1/2" Stainless Steel

Stainless steel 1/2" curtain clamp attaches to hog and poultry barn curtain and rod to provide secure lifting points.

1" Round Head Tack Nail

1" Round Head Tack Nail

1/2" Curtain Conduit

1/2" Curtain Conduit x 10'L

1-1/2" Square Tack Nail

Hot Dipped Galv. 64 Per Lb

1-1/4" Plastic Cap Nail

1-1/4" Plastic Cap Nail

1-3/4" J-Nail

61 nails per pound

2" Fence Staples

Hot Dipped Galv.

3/4" Bird Wire Staples

Hot Dipped Galv. 450 Per Lb

Cup Hook Driver

Two piece kit to enable operator to build a ceiling extension from 1/2" conduit (not furnished)