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Hand winches and worm gear winches for adjusting livestock barn curtains, feed lines, water lines and other equipment around hog and poultry barns. 

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4000 lb Ceiling Winch Split Reel

Ceiling mount, split-reel style winch designed especially for raising and lowering equipment in poultry operations.

Single Drum Ceiling Winch

Red single drum ceiling winch for cable lifting installations.

Manual WindLift Winch

WindLift ceiling winch for double pull applications, including feed lines and cable free systems.

Split Reel Worm Gear Winch - 2000 lb

Split reel worm gear winch. Used for cable free winching systems, drinker lines and other dual pull applications.

Automatic Brake Hand Winches

Automatic brake holds handle in position when released to prevent injuries from free spooling handle.
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1200 lb Capacity Hand Winch

1200 pound capacity hand winch used for livestock curtain and other horizontal pulling applications.

1400 lb Capacity Hand Winch

1,400 pound capacity hand winch for horizontal pulling applications using cable or straps.

3500 LB Heavy-Duty Curtain Winch

Heavy duty 3,500 pound 2-speed curtain winch for horizontal pulling applications.

Electric Ceiling Winch with control

Electric ceiling winch for use with straps (cable-free) or cable winch systems.

Winch Strap Pair for Cable Free System

Winch strap pair for cable free winching system.

Hog Slat® Winch Mounting Bracket

Winch mounting bracket for curtain adjustment and other needs.

Curtain L-Mounting Bracket

Painted L shaped mounting brakcet for curtain winches