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AP® Chain Disk

The AP® chain disk system provides a reliable solution to feed delivery in a variety of layouts for farrowing, nursery and finishing appliations. Hog Slat supplies repair and replacement parts including chain disk drive units, chain disk drive motors, Accu-Drops, proximity sensors and control boards. 

*AP® is the registered trademark of AGCO Corporation, a company not affiliated with Hog Slat, Inc. GrowerSELECT® and Hog Slat® are trademarks owned by Hog Slat, Inc. Replacement parts listed with these marks are designed to fit and function in place of original equipment manufacturers replacement parts.  

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AP® 1-1/2 hp Motor and Gearbox for Chain Disk

SKU: GAPCD-608-160
Motor And Gearbox Assy With Adapter And Shaft for units 2001 to current

AP® Gearbox for AP Chain Disk System

Multiple SKUs available....
AP® Gearbox for AP Chain Disk System
From $845.46

AP® 1-1/2 hp Motor only for AP Chain Disk

SKU: GAPCD-617-160
Motor Only

Grower SELECT® 1-1/2 HP Chain Disk Drive Motor

SKU: HS9032A
1-1/2 HP replacement drive motor for new style chain disk feed system drive units.

AP® Sproket Wheel Chain Disk Drive

Sprocket wheel for AP® chain disk drive feed system.

Drive Axle Key 10mm x 8mm x 100mm

SKU: WL70311001
Chain disk drive axle key. 10mm x 8mm x 100mm.


SKU: GAP-1259
AP Accu-Drop feed dispenser. 12lb capacity. Fits Model 220 feed line.

AP® Accu-Drop Feed Slide M220/M226

SKU: GAP-1246
Feed line shut off slide for AP® Accu-Drop feeder on model 220/226 feed pipe.

AP® Chain Disk

Multiple SKUs available....
AP® Chain Disk
From $246.03

AP® Connecting Link for Chain Disk

AP Connecting Link for Chain Disk- 12 Per Bag

AP® 2.36" Clear Chain Disk Tube

Clear PVC feed line tube for AP Chain Disk-10'

AP® 2.36" White Chain Disk Tube

White PVC feed line tube for AP Chain Disk-10'

AP® Clear Coupler

Clear Coupler for clear AP Chain Disk tube

AP® White Coupler

White Coupler for white AP Chain Disk tube

AP® Chain Disk Tube Proximity Switch Kit

AP® chain disk feed system tube mounted proximity switch kit.

Proximity Sensor N.O. 15mm 2-Wire AC/DC

SKU: EL1222
Replacement proximity sensor for chain disk feed systems. Normally Open (N.O) 2-Wire AC/DC

Whisker Switch 8" Latch Out Extension

SKU: GAC52-0161
8" whisker switch latch out extension for chain disk system.

Relay Plug-In DPST 2 NO 240V

SKU: EL1009
Plug-in relay switch, DPST. 2 N.O. contacts, 240V.

AP® Double Pole, 240V, 30A Relay

Replacement relay for AP Chain Disk Controls GAPCD-500&600

AP® Chain Disk Control Top Board

Multiple SKUs available....
AP® Chain Disk Control Top Board
From $208.89

AP® Chain Disk Control, Bottom Board

Multiple SKUs available....
AP® Chain Disk Control, Bottom Board
From $505.98