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Baby Pig Feeders

Get your baby pigs off to a better start with supplemental creep feeders. Models are available in stainless steel, plastic or a combination of both. Handle clips feeder securely to floor to prevent tipping.  Flat pan feeder fits under center creep divider to feed two pens.  


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Piglet Feeder Stainless Steel

SKU: 1095
Constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel feeder features spring loaded J-clamp to fasten to flooring.
From $19.37

Piglet Feeder Stainless Steel w/ Plastic Dividers

SKU: 10954
Stainless Steel piglet feeder bowl with plastic dividers. Features spring loaded universal J-clamp to quickly secure to flooring.
From $19.17

Plastic Piglet Feeder

SKU: 10950
Sanitary plastic bowl and dividers for easy clean up between litters.
From $29.61

MaxiGro 300 Creep Feeder

SKU: SG-545200
Unique triangular design allows placement in the creep corner away from sows.

MaxiFlow 3000 Milk Replacement Feeder

SKU: SG-545400
Uniquely designed feeder reduces waste when feeding high cost milk replacement formula.

Maxi Pan Feeder

SKU: 18004000
The Maxi Pan feeder is a 16" supplemental feeder designed to be used at weaning and starting new groups of pigs.

Maxi Pan Hopper Package

SKU: 18000010
Optional add-on hopper package for the Maxi Pan feeder provides increased feed capacity for less frequent filling.