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Bioverse® products are 100% biodegradable and formulated with naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria to treat manure in deep pits and livestock waste lagoons. Regular use of Bioverse products will liquefy solid material in pits making them easier to pump and spread. Bioverse products also help to reduce flies, odors and foaming associated with livestock waste storage structures. Treated pits and lagoons can be pumped to a lower level and maximize the designed manure-holding capacity. 

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Activator Plus - 5 Gallon Pail

Activator Plus by Bioverse® AG is a microbial formulation for the inculation, activation, and maintenance of agricultural waste storage systems.

AgraSlat™ Manure Treatment

SKU: BA30150
AgraSlat™ features a proprietary blend of microbial isolates and a new slim profile that fits directly between slatted floors.

AgraSphere™ Manure Treatment

Just toss it in your pit and forget it. No measuring or mixing!

Lagoon AgraSphere

SKU: 30500
Just lob in the lagoon and forget it. Package of 4 spheres.