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Burn Easy Incinerators

After more than 40 years R&K Incinerator is still leading the industry for on site animal carcass disposal. Burn-Easy incinerators are currently being used for a wide variety of applications. They include all phases of swine and poultry production as well as beef, dairy, veterinarians, humane societies, small and large pet cremation services, law enforcement offices, international hospitals, road kill facilities, butcher shops, small pet breeders, hunting and fishing outfitters and taxidermist studios.

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Burner Nozzle 1.10 Gal

Incinerator burner nozzle 1.10 gal.

Burner Nozzle 2.25 Gal

Incinerator burner nozzle 2.25 gal.

Control Board

Control board for 523595 control box.

Drive Coupler

Drive coupler for incinerator.

Fan Blower Wheel

Incinerator fan blower wheel for Easy Burn incinerator.

Fuel Pump

Fuel pump for incinerator.

Fuel Shut Off

Fuel shut off valve.

Grower SELECT® 1/5 HP Motor for Burn-Easy Incinerator

GrowerSELECT® 1/5 HP 115V replacement motor for Burn-Easy oil burner incinerators.

Gun Assembly Burn Easy

Gun assembly for incinerator.

Heat Sensor

Heat sensor for Burn-Easy incinerator.
From $146.50

Igniter Burn-Easy

Incinerator igniter.

Igniter Transformer

Igniter transformer coil for Burn Easy incinerator.

Incinerator Control Box

Complete digital control box for Burn-Easy incinerators.

Incinerator Grates

Grates for 1200LB Burn-Easy incinerator.