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Cable and Chain Disk

Our GrowerSELECT® Grow-Disk™ system offers an effective and affordable way to feed multiple farrowing rooms or gestation stalls at once. Hog Slat also carries a wide selection of replacement parts for Cablevey® and AP® chain disk feed systems. 

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Grower SELECT® Chain Disk Feed Sensor

Feed proximity sensor for GrowerSELECT® Grow-Disk chain disk feed system and other OEM chain-disk feed systems.

Grow-Disk™ Proximity Switch Bracket

Replacement bracket for Grow-Disk™ chain disk feed system proximity switch assembly.

Grower SELECT® 1-1/2 HP Chain Disk Drive Motor

1-1/2 HP replacement drive motor for new style GSI chain disk systems.

Grower SELECT® Chain Disk Proximity Switch Tube

Clear proximity sensor tube for GrowerSELECT® Grow-Disk feed systems.

AP® Sproket Wheel Chain Disk Drive

Sprocket wheel for AP® chain disk drive feed system.

Hose Clamp SAE36 1-13/16" - 2-3/4" SS

Stainless steel hose clamp. SAE36 1-13/16" - 2-3/4". Priced/sold each.

Drive Axle Key 10mm x 8mm x 100mm

Chain disk drive axle key. 10mm x 8mm x 100mm.

Grow-Disk™ Drive Unit Safety Switch

Safety switch (limit switch) with blue reset button for Grow-Disk™ drive unit.


AP Accu-Drop feed dispenser. 12lb capacity. Fits Model 220 feed line.

AP® Accu-Drop Feed Slide M220/M226

Feed line shut off slide for AP® Accu-Drop feeder on model 220/226 feed pipe.

Grow-Disk™ Drive Unit Door Cover Safety Switch

Safety switch for Grow-Disk™ drive unit cover door.

Grower SELECT® Straight Drop Adaptor Chain Disk

GrowerSELECT® straight drop adapter for Grow-Disk™ and other chain disk feed systems.

AP® Chain Disk

AP® Chain Disk
From $186.60

Grow-Disk™ Chain

Grow-Disk™ chain with 44mm disks spaced at 71.5mm intervals for chain disk feed delivery systems. Priced per foot.

Grow-Disk™ Chain Coupler

Hardened connector link for Grow-Disk™ chain

AP® Connecting Link for Chain Disk

AP Connecting Link for Chain Disk- 12 Per Bag

Grow-Disk™ Drive Unit Tension Spring

Tension spring for Grow-Disk™ drive unit.

Grower SELECT® Adjustable Drop Tube Assembly

Universal drop tube fits 2" feed pipe, 21" long with adjustable collar.
From $3.98

Grower SELECT® Collar for Adjustable Drop Tube

GrowerSELECT® replacement collar for adjustable drop tube.

AP® 2.36" Clear Chain Disk Tube

Clear PVC feed line tube for AP Chain Disk-10'


PVC reducing coupler. Reduces 3" to 2". Coupler fits the top of metal feed pipe in stalls.

AP® 2.36" White Chain Disk Tube

White PVC feed line tube for AP Chain Disk-10'

Grow-Disk™ Drive Unit Sliding Carriage Guide Rod

Guide rod for Grow-Disk™ drive unit sliding carriage.