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Curtain Systems

Curtain machines, material and components to keep your livestock barn curtain systems in top shape. Hog Slat offers a wide range of curtain machines, curtain machine repair parts, pulleys, cable, curtain material and more. 

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CintoFlex 5' Mesh Poultry Netting

Tenax® Aviary Net is safe and its unique mesh structure holds up to even the toughest birds.

CintoFlex 6.5' Mesh Poultry Netting

CintoFlex 6.5' Mesh Poultry Netting
From $422.68

Curtain Counter Weight 12 Lbs - Concrete/PVC

Concrete filled PVC tube curtain system counter weight. Used to ensure smooth operation of curtain systems as they rise and fall.

Curtain Counter Weight 15 LBS - Metal

15 pound metal curtain counter weight. Powder coated Hog Slat blue. 17"L x 2"D.

Curtain Counter Weight 25 Lbs - Concrete

Concrete block curtain system counter weight. Used to ensure smooth operation of curtain systems as they rise and fall.

Curtain Hanger Clamp 1/2" Stainless Steel

Stainless steel 1/2" curtain clamp attaches to hog and poultry barn curtain and rod to provide secure lifting points.

Grower SELECT® 1/3 HP Linear Lift Replacement Motor

GrowerSELECT® 1/3 HP replacement motor for Chore-Time® linear lifts.

Grower SELECT® Multi-Curtain Machine Isolator

The GrowerSELECT® multi-curtain machine isolator allows up to 4 machines to be controlled in unison by a single input signal.

Hired Hand® PowerTrak® Curtain Machine

Hired Hand® PowerTrak® curtain machine. 36" travel, 30 RPM.

Hog Slat® Mirco Whisker Switch

Replacement whisker switch for AT Newell and Airstream® Curtain Controller curtain machines. Switch only.

Jaw Coupling 5/8" Bore W/ Keyway

Jaw coupling, 5/8" bore with 3/16" x 3/32" keyway.

Leeson 3.7 RPM 120V Gear Motor

Leeson 3.0 RPM 120V gear motor, with brake. Fits Aerotech® curtain machine.

Limit Switch with Flexible Acutuator 10 Amp

10 Amp limit switch with flexible actuator rod.

Sprocket Pulley Corner Kit

Sprocket pulley corner kit for use with curtain machine and winch applications.

White Poly Curtain Pockets - Pair

Molded polyethylene barn curtain pockets. Sold as a pair (left and right).
From $179.29

1" Round Head Tack Nail

1" Round Head Tack Nail

1/2" Curtain Conduit

1/2" Curtain Conduit x 10'L

1-1/2" Square Tack Nail

Hot Dipped Galv. 64 Per Lb

1-1/2" Stainless Steel Strap Pulley

1-1/2" Stainless Steel Strap Curtain Pulley

1-1/2" Steel Strap Pulley

1-1/2" Steel Strap Curtain Pulley

1-1/4" Plastic Cap Nail

1-1/4" Plastic Cap Nail

1-3/4" J-Nail

61 nails per pound

1-3/8" Stainless Steel Split Pulley

1-3/8" Stainless Steel Split Curtain Pulley

1-7/8" Nylon Strap Pulley

1-7/8" Nylon Strap Curtain Pulley